How to Choose the Right Bedroom Dresser

Bedroom Dresser

A bedroom is not complete without a dresser but choosing the right one is not an easy task, as one may think. It might not pose a challenge when you already have a clue about the type of bedroom dresser that you want because maybe you have used it in the past. However, if you are looking to get a new one, then it can be a difficult decision. When buying a bedroom dresser, it is important to consider several factors since the wrong one can be costly, and no one wants to waste their hard-earned cash. Due diligence, even in our purchases, has never hurt anyone; therefore, it is better to research first before getting your dresser. Here are several things you should consider as you search for the right bedroom dresser for you.

Price of the bedroom dresser

It is prudent to know the cost of the bedroom dresser before purchasing since we can only buy what we can afford. It is not wise going to the market before knowing how much money you are willing to spend since impulse buying will only dent your budget. Bedroom dressers come with different prices depending on the style and quality. Usually, the expensive ones are the best because as their prices reduce, the quality is compromised. Still, there are affordable dressers that will not have you breaking the bank. If you have a small budget and need a bedroom dresser, then you have several options for you. You can look for stores that allow payment in installments. It will take longer, but finally, you will have the ideal bedroom dresser with you. You can also decide to buy used ones. Used bedroom dressers go for a lower price compared to new ones. If the price is reasonable and the features are like those of a new one, then don’t hesitate. Since a bedroom dresser is one thing that you will have with you for long, you can consider saving for it. Finally, when you have the amount that will get you the best dresser, then go for it. It bets logic to get a non-durable product at a lower price, and within a short time, you are back in the market looking for another.

Size of the dresser

When going for a dresser, you must consider the size of your bedroom. You must know the space that it will occupy so that you can get the right size to fill the space. The size of the dresser also goes hand in hand with your needs. If you need to store clothes in the dresser, then there are various sizes for the purpose. A larger dresser is necessary if you want to store clothes without folding them while a smaller one will be useful if you wish to fold the clothes. According to Wayfair, one should get the depth of the dresser. You can measure the distance between the wall and the furniture that the dresser will face then subtract 36 inches. With such depth of dresser, you will have enough space to open and close its drawers. You should also ensure that the dresser leaves you enough room to open and close the windows and door of the bedroom without much strain. Getting a dresser that is almost as large as your bedroom to fit might make movements around the place difficult. Once you know the size of your bedroom and dresser to fit in the room, then you are set.

Style of the dresser

We all want our bedrooms to look elegant; hence, look for stylish furniture to matching the existing items in the house. The color, shape, and material used in making the dresser dictate its style. According to an article on Medium, there are seven popular styles of dressers in the market. The horizontal style of the dresser is the most common one in the market. It is versatile and offers a broader tabletop space where you can place lamps and flower vases. It, however, occupies a large space hence might not be beneficial to bedrooms that have little square footage. Vertical dressers, on the other hand, do not take up space; hence, they are an ideal choice if your bedroom is not spacious. There is also a dresser that comes with a mirror, and it can come in handy when your bedroom barely has enough room to place your mirror on the wall. The combo dresser is one that has drawers and a door. Besides clothes, you can also store other sensitive items that you do not want anyone to access in such a combo dresser. A television dresser will have some space to place your television. The other styles of dressers are just modifications of the above designs. If you find one that does not meet your needs, interior decorating experts can modify your dresser at a cost.

Quality of the dresser

Finally, when choosing the right dresser, quality is essential. The material that is used to make the dresser dictates its quality. One sure thing is that quality and price are interrelated. Dressers come in different materials, including bamboo, wood, glass, or wicker. Wood is commonly used and offers a beautiful look since it can be shaped to any style by the designers. Wood dressers are also durable and less fragile compared to glass dressers. Peter Drucker, in his wisdom, once said that quality is not what the producer puts in the product or service; it is what the customer gets out of it. Therefore getting a quality dresser will save you in the long run even though they go for higher prices. A lower quality dresser might cost you later in repair costs since some are easily damaged. Did they not say that cheap is expensive? It is better to spend a lot on a dresser today than pay a small amount, then keep visiting the repair shop and parting with extra cash.

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