10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious on the Cheap

For many people, their bedroom is the one room in their home that they can truly call their own. For this reason, they want to make the room as special as possible so that they can relax and enjoy spending time in their boudoir. If you want to improve your bedroom to give it a more luxurious feel, you might worry that it was cost you a fortune to achieve the look you desire. However, it is possible to create a luxurious bedroom on the cheap with a few simple changes. Here are 10 ways to make your bedroom more luxurious on the cheap.

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

According to The Spruce, a luxurious bedroom is not cluttered. It is neat, tidy, and organized. Therefore, the first simple step you should take to create a more luxurious feeling in your bedroom is to eradicate the clutter. Get rid of any clothes you don’t wear or items that you do not use. If necessary, find creative storage solutions to make sure all your clutter is out of sight. Having clear floors and surfaces gives a sense of clean lines, which is an important element of achieving a luxurious feel.

2. Add a Glitzy Mirror

A mirror is a fantastic addition to any bedroom. Not only do they look great, but they also serve a practical purpose as you use them to get ready to leave the house. A further reason to add a mirror is that they enhance the natural light in your room, and this creates a greater sense of space. Buying a large mirror that is brand new is potentially costly. Instead, look in second-hand stores for a mirror. If you are creative, you can add some life to a repurposed mirror using spray paint, jewels, or glitter on the frame to create an interesting and luxurious feature in your bedroom.

3. Change the Light Fitting

One aspect of a bedroom that attracts the eye is the light fitting, so you want to make sure you are drawn to your light fitting for all the right reasons. Get rid of a simple light shade and replace it with something that looks more luxurious. In a larger room, consider getting a second-hand chandelier or candelabra. For smaller rooms, look for cheap shades that feature glass pendants or interestingly shaped metalwork.

4. Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light is just as important as your choice of light fitting. Enhancing the natural light in your room will create a lighter and brighter room that feels deceptively spacious, and this can add to the luxurious vibe of a bedroom. If you have curtains, choose ones that do not look too heavy, and make sure that they have tiebacks or hooks to allow in the maximum amount of light during the day. On the other hand, you need curtains that are thick enough to block out the light at night.

5. Add Some Artwork

Stay in almost any luxurious hotel around the world and you will see artwork on the walls. You can copy this style by adding some artwork to your own boudoir. You do not need to go out and buy an expensive piece by a famous artist. Simply choose a print that you like and that coordinates with the general color scheme or theme of your bedroom. A great place to hang your art is above the headboard as it will act as a focal point and draw your eye across the room.

6. Use Plants and Flowers

A simple and cost-effective tip is to add plants and flowers to your room. Have potted plants in the corners of your bedroom or by the window. Add cut flowers to a small, pretty vase for on your bedside cabinet or dresser. In addition to looking fantastic, plants can help to purify the air in your room and they will add a wonderful aroma.

7. Add a Throw

Adding a throw will create interest to your bed area, especially if you have plain bedding. It is also a chance to add a splash of color or pattern to your room. Choose a throw in a luxurious-looking fabric, such as velour or faux fur.

8. Layer Pillows and Cushions

A top tip from My Domaine is to layer the pillows. This is a strategy that luxury boutique hotels use to make their rooms appear more sophisticated. Layering the pillows also makes the bed look extra comfortable. Using cushions can also make your bed look as though it has been lifted directly out of a top hotel, and you can choose cushions to add a pop of color to a neutral color palette.

9. Display Personal Items Creatively

Too many personal items on display can look cluttered, but too few will give your bedroom an impersonal feel. How you display your personal items will make a big difference to the overall look of a luxurious bedroom. Finding the best spots for each of your personal items may take some experimentation but you should think about each piece you add as a part of a piece of art. Make sure each piece you choose adds something to the overall look of the room. Every piece should be pleasing on the eye, or you will not achieve a luxurious look.

10. Use Candles and Other Little Touches

Real Simple says that you should not forget the little touches that can make a big difference to how luxurious your bedroom feels. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to add a sense of luxury to your bedroom is by adding candles. Using candles is not your only option for adding a touch of luxury to the room. Other options include a water jug, vases, a pretty box of tissues, or bowls of potpourri. These are all little touches that can enhance your comfort when spending time in your bedroom and create greater bedroom luxury on the cheap.

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