20 Great Ideas for the Empty Space Over Your Bed

Your bed and the wall space over your bed are typically the focal point of a room. Outside of having a grand headboard that can cover a certain amount of space about the bed, you can create a different type of focal point for that empty wall to give your room the perfect look and feel you want. There are so many different ways you can use that blank wall space that the ideas and options are endless. Your personal taste, style, budget, and level of creativity will play a role into what you decide to do about the empty space. If you are looking for a way to tie the bed, with or without an attached headboard, into the room in a unique way, we have some tips to help you get in tune with your creative side.

Cover it in color

Your bed may be beautiful or unique, but is it really standing out against that boring white wall? Make your bed stand out and get noticed by creating a bold colored focal wall. Choose a bold color of paint of wall paper to cover wall behind your bed to make it pop when you walk in the room. You can use a bolder, deeper or richer shade of what all the walls are already covered in, or you can cover it in a contrasting color to the other walls.

Murals and tapestries

Headboards can eat up a bit of space on the wall, depending on how large or small, which may eliminate some of the empty space and leave less room for decorating. However, if your bed is not equipped with a headboard, you may have a lot of empty wall space you can work with. Larger spaces are great for creating murals or hanging a large quilt, tapestry or rug. If you are a nature lover, a beautiful nature scene, such as a beachy themed mural, or beautiful scene of the mountains can really bring the outdoor feel into your room. A tapestry with warm, rich colors can be elegant and soothing on the wall above your bed, or a beautiful old family quilt might give you a warm feeling and add a sense of coziness to your room.

Shelves and picture collections

Shelves built into the wall are great for displaying a collection of photos or favorite décor pieces. You can alter their length, height, and widths apart to give it a more interesting look. Keep in mind that shelves don’t have to be the basic rectangular shape. You can be creative with the shape of your shelves, and paint them in vibrant colors to make them really pop.


Mirrors never go out of style. You can use mirrors to enhance the size and brightness of your room, and they can also be decorative and functional. What’s great about mirrors is that there are so many to choose from. Whether you prefer one large oval or square mirror, or you like the look of having multiple mirrors lined up side-by-side across the wall, there are a number of ways you can use mirrors above your bed to take up the empty space and give it a more finished look.

If coming up with an idea on your own isn’t easy, you can take a look at the following 20 great ideas for the empty space over your bed to help inspire you.

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