20 Beautiful and Creative Workstation Design Ideas

Your station is where you spend a good quality amount of time. If you plan to spend a lot of time sitting at your workstation, you might as well find it as enjoyable as you do efficient. Enjoying your workstation means that it is attractive, planned out well, and easy to maneuver about so that everything you need is at your fingertips. Designing and assembling your workstation doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. You can create a well-thought-out, and creative workstation easily when you put these tips into action.

1. Find your space

You need a space that will house your workstation. Depending on what you want your workstation to entail, you’ll want to find an area that will give you ample space to include all the elements you need to work; a desk, bookshelves, filing cabinet, computer, printer and other equipment. Map out the area you have to use so that you know what your size limits will be for office furniture and other equipment.

2. Choose multipurpose furniture

Today’s offices are not always the typical space you imagine from the days when people sat in an office building or cubicle. Office furniture companies know that many business and professionals often work out of their home, or in unusual spaces that may require innovative furniture set-ups to allow for the atypical office situation. If yo are lacking in space, try using unconventional pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes, such as a pod chair with a built-in desk or computer, or a desk that offers multiple areas of filing and storage components, even shelving or cubbies to hold printers or books.

3. Use wall space as opposed to floor space to keep your space open

If you can’t merge out into a wider area of square footage in the room, try using wall space to accommodate your office needs. Shelves or cabinets built against a wall above your desk can be very beneficial for storing work materials, and other items that would normally consume usable floor space. Don’t choose oversized furniture that can also consume usable floor space and would crowd a room. Desks and chairs come in all sizes, so keep furniture scaled to size for the size of the room and space.

4. Decorate to motivate

Decorating your workstation should be a fun and creative venture, after all, this is where you will be spending a great deal of time. Don’t go with the boring, hum-drum look of a typical office space if you find it hard to get motivated looking at “drab” every day. Use color, personal items and other touches that speak to you on a daily basis and get you motivated to be productive. There are no rules or guidelines for what you should create in a workstation to keep you interested in your tasks at hand, and inspire your work performance.

Take a look at the following 20 beautiful and creative workstation design ideas that can give you inspiration for designing your own.

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