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Whether they’re credited for it or not, teachers have more than just a job to address a classroom of students in hopes they’ll absorb whatever subject it is they’re supposed to learn. Whether the students are small children or full-grown adults, they are all at the mercy of the teacher, a person who is held responsible for whatever happens inside the classroom. When all goes well, that’s great for the teacher. When it doesn’t go so well, the teacher has to somehow find a way to learn from the experience so that the classroom environment becomes a better experience for everyone. In a way, even as a teacher, each of them serves as a student as well. Like those sitting in the classroom, teachers have to learn and adapt each time new material comes along that needs attention.

Teaching Supplies

For teachers, they are responsible for bringing to the classroom, or whatever teaching environment they’re in, material that’s designed to help a student learn. Teaching education is an industry, like any other, that requires proper equipment and tools to work with. Without what’s needed to get the job done, it’s a job that cannot be done properly. Even if the teacher has a one in a million personality that appeals to the student every bit as much as a storybook hero, unless that teacher has something more than just the gift of the gab to work with, the learning experience may not be as optimal as it should be. Teaching supplies are needed, regardless of whether it’s for a full classroom, home school, or even on the internet through webcam-run learning sessions. There are a number of brick-and-mortar stores and online sites that offer teaching supplies. With COVID-19 making the kind of impact it has, shopping online has become more appealing than ever, therefore causing an explosion of internet-based businesses who’ve each come up with their own niche of products and services to offer. Teaching supplies happen to be one of them. However, who among the long list are able to offer the best online shopping experiences where the teacher has no need to shop around? Ideally, getting everything at just one site only is not only convenient but a timesaver.

20. Craigslist

On Craigslist, there are a number of teaching supplies that can be found, both new and used. For teachers either on a tight budget, or choosing to be eco-friendlier, accessing the listings on Craigslist serves as a good opportunity to find the supplies you need as a teacher.

19. eBay

New or used, eBay offers access to teacher supplies. There is the option to either auction for something that stands out for your teaching needs or the Buy It Now option where you simply pay for the flat price and make arrangements for shipment. Whatever route you choose to take, it is recommended to stick with verified suppliers who have established the best reputation for themselves on the eBay site. They’re easy enough to spot with certification guarantee labels, as well as five-start ratings from more than just a small handful of customers who’ve dealt with the sellers previously.

18. Facebook

The current king of social media, Facebook, has proven to be one of the most effective means to find what you’re looking for, including teacher supplies. Between the sponsored ads and a number of posts shared by people of similar interests, there are also merchant pages that have been published by businesses who’ve come to appreciate the power of social media marketing. There are pages of special interest groups that exist, including ones that cater to parents and teachers who are on the hunt for teacher supplies. As you look up people on Facebook to connect to, you can also do this with online teacher supply outlets who sometimes prefer to stick with Facebook.

17. Walmart

Walmart is more than just some big store conveniently located that’s loaded with lower-priced items, including teacher supplies. The online shopping platform is user-friendly and offers a convenient pickup location should you happen to live not far from one of its outlets. If you’d rather have delivery to your door, that option is available too.

16. School Daze

As a brick-and-mortar store, School Daze is located in Watertown, New York. It also has an impressive online store for teachers to access teaching supplies for the classroom. There is a number of creative items to choose from, as well as all the practical tools needed.

15. School Aids

School Aids started up in 1977 as a family business out of Louisiana. Since then, it has expanded to become one of the best places to go for teacher supplies, as well as for parents who are in need to find quality educational products for their children.

14. K12 Teacher Supplies

K12 Teacher Supplies is an online distributor that specializes in providing teacher supplies. With over one million products they keep in stock at all times, teachers who shop online on their website are likely to enjoy a positive experience with what it has to offer.

13. Oriental Trading

In 1932, Oriental Trading first opened up its doors to sell a variety of goods to the market. It then launched its website in 1999. Since then, it has become one of the best sites to visit online to shop for teacher supplies and more.

12. Michaels

At Michaels through its online site and brick-and-mortar stores, they offer teacher discounts whenever they come looking for teaching supplies for the classroom. For teachers who engage their students in different projects where crafting is involved, Michaels is perfect to cover such a need. As for regular school supplies, believe it or not, they have that too.

11. Dollar Tree

For teachers on a budget, Dollar Tree has a large enough inventory base to work with where teacher supplies are not hard to come by and are not as impactful on the dollar as some other teacher supply sites. One nice option about Dollar Tree is once you’ve placed your order online, you can either make delivery arrangements or just go pick it up once the order is ready.

10. Target

In addition to a large collection of stores across America, Target also features an online shopping outlet for teacher supplies that can be easily accessed, ordered, and ready for either pickup or delivery. Yes, Target is classified as a department store, but what makes a department store what it comes down to how much variety it has on the floor, and online.

9. Best Teacher Supply

Best Teacher Supply is an online teacher supply store that has an impressive lineup of products for teachers to work with when it comes to finding what the classroom needs. The focus is on providing teachers exactly what they need for the classroom and nothing less.

8. Lakeshore Teacher Supply Store

Regardless of the age group, Lakeshore Teacher Supply Store continually strives with great success to accommodate the needs of teachers and all the supplies needed for the classroom. Ethelyn Kaplan originally strove to open up a toy store in 1954 when she first set up shop in Lakeshore, Northern California. However, educators in the area began calling her for school supplies and the single mother discovered her true calling. Since then, this family-run business does everything it can to ensure whatever a teacher needs for supplies will happen.

7. DK Classroom Outlet

DK Classroom Outlet is one of the top-rated discount teacher supply stores online. Owned and operated by DK Outlet Inc., the primary goal is to provide discount teaching supplies while delivering the best possible customer service. This is a small, family-owned teacher supply store they run online and treat each of their customers as people, not numbers. This makes a difference as they will go out of their way to help every parent or teacher find whatever is needed and with an affordability level that works according to whatever budget you have in mind.

6. Office Depot/Office Max

In addition to the 1,400 stores located throughout North America, Office Depot/Office Max has an excellent online shopping outlet for more than just teaching supplies. Should your location be close enough to one of the outlets, after you’ve placed your order online and it’s ready for pick up, you can simply go get it if that is your wish. If delivery is the preference, that works too.

5. Teacher Supply

For teacher supplies, it makes sense to go to an online outlet called Teacher Supply would be as good of a place as any to find all that you need. They’ve been in business, offering brand-name and discount teaching supplies since 1987. One of the best features this site has going for it is a community forum where teachers can connect with each other. This is a great opportunity for educators to share their teaching experience, classroom stories, and even some helpful advice who may be in need of it.

4. Discount School Supply

Whatever is needed for the classroom, Discount School Supply likely has it. The online shopping experience is as good as it gets with the user-friendly layout, plus the excellent selection of inventory, you will be hard-pressed to access an online outlet that can offer as much as it does. Don’t let the Discount School Supply name fool you as the business mold that makes them good at what they do is the dedication to ensure you, as a parent or teacher, have access to the best possible educational products money can buy. They work with every budget frame in mind.

3. Staples

Online and offline Staples is one of the best possible stores to access teacher supplies and more. If you’ve ever visited any of their brick-and-mortar stores, anything and everything they have in the store is usually available online, too.

2. Amazon

Face it, like Amazon or not, it really is one of the best one-stop shops there is online. Whatever you need, even as a teacher, it’s there. There are some merchants listed on Amazon that specialize in teaching supplies that will offer packaged deals so that you’re not stuck forking out a mass fortune. Another really good feature Amazon has is consumer protection programs in place so if you have any issues with the products offered, including your customer service experience with a merchant, Amazon will be right there to provide the support you need.

1. Really Good Stuff

For really good teacher supply stuff, Really Good Stuff serves as one of the best online sites there is for teachers to access when it comes to finding school supplies and more. Absolutely anything and everything you need from just one site without the hassle of trying to figure out where you saw that certain something, can be found here. Really Good Stuff has access to a number of suppliers who all pitch in together to make the online shopping experience as close to hassle-free as possible.

Education Matters

When it comes to educating the children to pick up the mantle adults leave behind for them, there is no room for compromise when it comes to ensuring each child receives the best education possible. Children and adults love to be entertained and are at their learning best when entertained. Shopping for school supplies, teacher supplies, as well as any form of educational material is one of those investments that seem to be unavoidable. Even if it could be avoided, is the shortcut worth it? Properly educated people face the best possible futures, not to mention are better able to handle emergency situations that come their way. The better equipped a teacher is with supplies, the easier the entire educational experience is for everyone involved. When students are happy with what they have to work with, they will work with the teacher better. The stronger the relationship there is between student and teacher the better. In many cases, when the strong bond between teacher and student exists, they often teach each other important life skills and lessons that simply cannot be taught in an ordinary classroom environment.

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