2019 Office Design Trend: Corner Office Desks

Corner Office Desk

When it comes to office design, interested individuals can choose from an incredible range of elements. As a result, it is worthwhile for them to look into the options that are available because there is a good chance of them coming upon something useful that they didn’t have in mind beforehand. One potential example would be corner desks, which have been seeing more and more us in some places because of a number of important reasons.

What Is a Corner Desk Anyways?

For those who are unfamiliar, corner desks are pretty much exactly what they sound like, which is to say, they are the desks that are supposed to sit in the corners. As such, there is a wide range of corner desks that can be found out there, coming in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles. However, some patterns are much more popular than others, which in turn, means that such corner desks are much more common than their counterparts. In particular, it is worth mentioning L-shaped corner desks, though even in their case, there can be further subdivisions. For instance, some L-shaped corner desks have sides that are about the same length, whereas other L-shaped corner desks are closer to their namesake letter in that one side is longer than the other. Moreover, L-shaped corner desks can come with various features such as drawer sets, filing cabinets, and pull-out shelves, thus making for further changes to their particular usefulness.

What Are the Upsides of Corner Desks?

Regardless, there are a number of upsides to the use of corner desks that interested individuals might want to keep in mind:

  • More Space – Generally speaking, corner desks can provide their users with much more space than their counterparts. This is because the most popular kind of corner desk comes with two sides, whereas most other desks come with one. As such, someone sitting behind a corner desk can expect more desk space because the design of their desk incorporates space that would otherwise go unoccupied.
  • More Convenient Use of Space – On a related note, corner desks offer interested individuals more convenient use of their desk space as well, particularly when they are paired with swivel chairs. In short, it is perfectly possible to build a standard desk that offers as much desk space as its corner-bound equivalent, but the problem is that accessing the additional desk space at the two ends of the desk becomes more and more difficult with bigger and bigger desks, which can be worse than not having that additional desk space at all. In contrast, when someone is sitting behind a corner desk in a swivel chair, they can just turn to access the full range of their available desk space, thus making it useful rather than a hindrance. Due to this, a corner desk tends to be much more convenient for its users.
  • More Efficient Use of Space – As stated earlier, corner desks make use of space that would go unused with more standard desk designs. Due to this, they are a great way for small businesses to make the most efficient use of their office space, which can be very important for their employees’ morale and productivity. After all, most people prefer to spend their time in an open, spacious setting rather than somewhere cramped and closed-in, meaning that this particular factor can have a huge impact on the businesses’ overall performance. For that matter, this is still true even when people aren’t working for an organization of some kind, meaning that people who are thinking about their individual needs should take this into consideration as well.
  • More Footroom – For the most efficient results, interested individuals should pay close attention to desk designs that make good use of vertical space, which can mean the space that is closer towards the ceiling as well as the space that is closer towards the floor. A L-shaped corner desk can offer more footroom than otherwise possible, meaning that they can provide their users with more space for cabinets, drawers, and whatever else they might want to have underfoot.

Wide Range of Options

It should be mentioned that corner desks aren’t limited to a small selection of colors, styles, and shapes. Instead, interested individuals have a bewildering selection before them, meaning that they should have no problem finding something that is suitable for their particular space as well as their particular preferences. On top of that, it should be mentioned that there is a wide range of retailers catering to a wide range of customers, meaning that they shouldn’t have any problems finding something that falls within their budget as well.

When Should You Be Using Corner Desks?

Of course, corner desks have downsides of their own, meaning that they are much better-suited for certain circumstances than others. Something that interested individuals might want to look into in order to ensure the best results. Generally speaking, corner desks are ideal for people who want something that can provide them with plenty of desk space without taking up too much office space in the process. This makes them potentially useful in places with very standardized layouts because being able to free up more space is always useful. However, this makes them even more useful in places with stranger, less conventional layouts where more standardized desk designs can be difficult to fit it.

Besides this, it is important to note that while L-shaped corner desks are very useful, there are other kinds of corner desks available as well. For example, U-shaped corner desks are very popular for when the situation calls for two people seated at the same desk, though they are so big and so awkward that they have problems fitting outside of very limited circumstances. Likewise, center room desks offer considerable screen privacy, but the downside is that managing the cables can become a real hassle. In the end, by considering every option, interested individuals should be able to maximize their chances of choosing whatever is best for them.

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