10 Popular Types of Desks For Your Home Office

Many people work from home today, and even if they don’t work a regular type of job from home, most people can benefit from a desk that allows them to take care of home duties, such as paying bills or working on home budgets. If you have a home office or extra room you’d like to make into a home office, finding the right desk for the room and the uses you will need it for is important. There are a wide range of types of desks to choose from and the more you know about the different types, the easier it will be to choose the one that will function and look best in your home office. Here are 10 popular types of desks for your home office. Take a look.

1. Writing desk

Simple and straight to the point, a writing desk is typically a simple desk with no bells or whistles. A writing desk is a straight forward desk surface that allows you to sit at the desk in the chair of your choice and do your work, whether it’s spending time writing your next novel, or working on paying your bills, it offers you that space without the clutter of drawers or other details of other office desks that you don’t need. Writing desks come in any style, design and finish that you can imagine so that you can stay true to your style and taste when choosing a writing desk for your home office.

2. Floating desk

A floating desks is the perfect way to keep your floor space open and clutter free in your home office. A floating desk is basically built into the wall, which means it does not consume unnecessary space with bulky legs or other pieces that can overwhelm a room. These are the perfect style of home office desks if you have a small office, a great window with a view you want to admire while you work, or just love the look of clean lines and simplicity.

3. Computer desk

A computer desk is another simplistic type of desk, however, unlike the writing desk, the computer desk gives you all the space you need to house all the of the technological devices you need to work from home. You’ll find space for your computer tower, your monitor, and all of the cables and hook-ups that you need to have your devices work for you as efficiently as possible. Most computer desks are built with computer keyboard trays that slide out when in use, and back under the desk when they’re not needed.

4. Corner desk

In home offices where there is not a lot of space to work with, a corner desk can be the best style of desk for your home office. A corner desk uses less foot space and keeps the main part of the room open for other uses. There is a variation of styles to choose from, from small corner set-ups, to large desk tops, even shelving units that allow for storage of books and other items. Most of the corner style desks give you the benefit of more leg room than a typical desk would, and if you have a window with a view, arranging it under the window can be a great way to incorporate that into your work day.

5. Executive desk

An executive desk is often a large and even over sized piece of furniture that consumes a lot of space. Executive desks are the mack-daddies of desks with large desk top space, lots of drawers, plenty of shelf space for shelving all of your reference books, space for a printer, filing drawers, and most likely, even spaces or nooks built-in to place some decor pieces. These desks are often so large that they are paired with large leather executive desk chairs. For a commanding look to your home office, if you have the space to house one of these beautiful office set-ups, these can be a great way to have all you need and want at your fingertips when working from home.

6. Roll-top desk

The roll-top desk has been around for ages. It usually consists of a desk that’s hidden behind a rolled lid. When the top is rolled back, you will most often find all sorts of organizational details, from slots to drawers and more. They are great for keeping things like mail and other office type products organized, but when you don’t want your office area on display all the time, simply roll the top down and everything is hidden away and only leaving a beautiful ornate piece of furniture behind to admire.

7. Dual-sided desk

Do you need an extra wide desk for work? May you have offer conference type work from home that calls for the use of a wider desk for you and your client. Dual-sided desks are convenient in that they give you ample desktop space and room for dual chairs, however, if you don’t have the space for a large desk, these can be overwhelming to a small home office and create a cramped and unappealing look and feel to the room.

8. Standing desk

If your line of work doesn’t require a lot of time sitting at a computer, or you just prefer to stand to do your work, a standing desk can be a great choice for your home office. Standing desks are going to taller than the typical desk so that your computer and screen are at standing level. For people who find it hard to sit in a chair for long for various reasons, or maybe you need more than one computer set up and need to be able to move from station-to-station quickly and freely without the hassle of having to back out from behind a desk in a cumbersome desk chair, then consider standing desks. Their simple in look and design, and they can change the way you work and move about your home office.

9. Armoire desk

Armoire desks are practical and can be quite elegant, especially if you choose a more ornate style for your office. Like a clothing armoire, everything is kept inside the unit and hides conveniently away when you don’t want any of your office materials and equipment to be seen. Typically the keyboard can be rolled out, along with a drawer or two that are designed to hold your files. For all your basics, an armoire desk can be beneficial for a home office, but if you need more than just a little desk top space, this type of desk may not be the best choice for your home office as desk top space is limited.

10. L-shaped computer desk

L-shaped desks are nice when you need to have plenty of room to work without everything being cluttered on one surface. L-shaped desks can create a nice focal point for an office, as well as they can be more functional for odd shaped offices. L-shaped computer desks come in wide range of styles, woods, finishes, and designs  so that you can choose the one that has all the features you need, as well as the look that matches your office’s style and decor theme. You’ll find these desks to give you ample leg room, as well as better mobility to move freely between the two connected desktop surfaces for better task efficiency.

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