Built-In Shelving Units: A Top Office Trend in 2019

Built-in shelving units have become the latest trend for office spaces in 2019. The designs started in home offices and progressively worked towards bigger offices in the city. There are a handful of advantages that built-in shelving units offer that make them appealing for office spaces. The shelves themselves are just part of a larger trend that increasingly favors modern stylization in places of work. Businesses need to adapt to survive, so it is not surprising that common office decor is being adapted as well. The reason for these changes will be outlined below. You might be surprised how and why these changes make sense.

Not Traditional

Though built-in shelving units may not traditionally be considered common office decor, they are quickly becoming the latest trend in office shelving. There are a few reasons that built-in shelving is preferable to traditional shelving. The biggest reason being that the shelves are much more sturdy than traditional storage and not prone to falling down. This creates a safer office environment that is less prone to accidents. Another reason that built-in shelving is increasing in popularity is because it expands the effective amount of storage space that can be utilized. Traditional bookshelves are more limited in size and space because they have to be built generically. Built-in shelving is nearly always customized for the space that it is being placed in. This allows every inch to be utilized effectively and increases the net output of the space. There are also other advantages that come with customizing your shelving. It generally looks better because it was built with a certain design in mind. The customizations of built-in shelving units also make for exciting creations. You can pick the type of wood (or another material) and the finish it the way that you want. These custom-built shelves are typically designed with a sturdy wood that is able to last the lifetime of the building. It is not surprising that built-in shelving is gaining so much popularity.

Materials Used

However, there are different materials besides wood that can be used for the shelving. There are imitation woods and various plastic textures that can create the look and feel of the shelves that you want. One of the advantages of built-in shelving for an office is that it doesn’t have to only hold books. There a variety of different sizes and shapes for nooks and crannies to cater to any different kind of decor. Offices with a modern style often prefer a more open look with some of the shelves completely empty. This provides a nice clean visual that can be great for a modern professional setting. Not many people envisioned that these designs would be popular for offices, even though they have been gaining increasing popularity in home design. Modern offices are trying to break away from a style that has often been characterized as drab and stiff. Customized furniture is a great way to open up a space and encourages people to feel more welcome. Having a nice space can also attract young talent that might be reluctant to work in a space that is perceived as boring. Think of built-in shelves, and other relevant decor, as a marketing cost to attract the latest talent. Displaying your office as a hip place to work raises employee morale and boosts productivity. There have recently been several studies done about the increase in productivity that comes with a well-designed work environment. Built-in shelves allow for greater organization of the office space, which in turn leads to better organizational outcomes. Perhaps this is another reason that built-in shelving has continued to become more popular in the office space.

Variety of Office Settings

One of the advantages of built-in shelving is that it works in a variety of office settings. It is perfect for a large business or just a simple home office. Though the uses of the shelves vary, they can serve many important purposes. Some businesses create library-like appearances that can serve as references for the people working there. For the personal office, people might store books that they intend to read. The shelves are not necessarily meant for showing off though. They can also provide quick references to important resources. This is a design shortcoming that many cubicles and older model offices have. They may appear to be more organized initially, but there is a subtle sense of chaos that permeates the office. These modern shelving systems are designed for quick access. Since they are out in the open, the brain is more able to pick up on the visual cues that they provide. By engaging the brain’s visual system, the built-in shelving units can allow employers to recall and find information more quickly. This is not limited to books either but extends to every aspect of office organization.


Overall, the trend of built-in shelves will likely continue for the foreseeable future. As more people work from home, it is only going to be more common to see a blending of house and office decor. The office can be a stressful place, so it makes sense to make it as comfortable as possible. If you are considering getting in on the latest design trends, look into built-in shelving units. In addition to the practical appeal, it also boasts designs aspects that can enhance productivity. If you are considering installing shelves like this, remember that color can make all the difference. Dark or light shelves could work depending on the appearance of the office, but it is generally advisable to not go with colors that are over-the-top or distracting. Shelves should only serve as an accent to the design of a room, not the focal point. It pays to be on the cutting edge of these office trends because it says something positive about the business. If you are considering getting built-in shelving units for your office space, do the proper research in order to get a product that you will love. You may be surprised by how big of an impact a simple change like built-in shelving units can make.

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