10 Stylish Modern Office Interior Decorating Ideas

Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia-z

Here is a collection of stylish and modern interior decorating ideas for your office. Some of them can be cheap while they are truly good looking and innovative. For a better combination and aspect you can choose also a modern color, like black, grey, purple, for the walls or unexpected combinations. This trick will help you make not only a modern office to work for your employers but also, psychologically speaking, will be a way to stimulate their efficiency and creativity. Sincerely now, who can work in a white and simple place and, in the same time, have ingenuous ideas? Here are 10 modern decorating ideas for your office:

Their own private world

If you want to create some separate spaces for every employer you can choose this decorating idea for this. Depending on what you want, you can mix or choose different colors for walls. For example, if you want a plus of creativity for them you can make this a world of warm colors, like azure, bon-bon pink or why not, luminous green.

A bright meeting room

A bright room can inspire seriousness but also creativity if you will take care about two important aspects: the brightness level and the number of objects from the room that may distract the attention. Summarizing this in a single word, we can tell you that the secret is to keep it as simple as you can. The gray nuances also will improve the thinking capacity and the straight lines will induce them the practicality idea.

Clear as crystal

The one from the picture is a Krystal Executive Desk by Uffix. You can find it easily in any respectable interior decorating furniture shop, but, what I want to highlight here is that any glass desk will make you look like a serious and powerful man, which, in the same time, has a lot of decorating taste. Combine the glass with some other chic materials like leather, metal or wood and you will obtain a totally effect above all who will see it.

It is all about white and black

Personally, I am totally in love about this office, made by Cattelan Italia. I am impressed about the simple lines and the contrast between things: what really matters in that room is black and all the rest is white. Also, we can notice here that the light has its own important place in this decorating idea. It’s like a new sequence from Cube, where you will need to think to your maximum capacity to get out alive.


The Kendu Office Desk by Cosmetal illustrates only one thing: what contrasts can do. The unexpected combination between dark orange, black and white brings the idea of precious place instantly. You don’t need a lot of money to make a perfect office decoration but you need a great sense of mixing colors, a lot of nerve and the sense of balance. Every color has exactly purpose and quantity, so that their balance is perfectly equilibrated.

All started in the jungle

As I said before, all you need is a lot of will, imagination and a bucket of paint, and, of course, someone with great talent in painting. The wall paintings are making furors this year, surpassing all that old and classical paintings or framed photos. You can transform a room in whatever you can imagine by using this simple technique and be sure that it will have a great impact.

Prisoner but also free

Personally, I would take off that chandelier since its only purpose there is to overload the room and I would apply some simple lights to fall on every chair. But I can’t ignore that this room is inspiring the idea of a prisoner, thanks to that black and white stripes, which is also free, thanks to that fresh green on the floor. Another great example that with enough imagination and small amounts of money you can make great things.

Colorful and natural

The most important element here is that big window which will let you see all that nature from outside. Also, another important thing is that, besides all the studied settings, like those compact disks on the wall or the little flowers near the monitor, this modern office is, in its essence, practically. It has a lot of draws and hidden places to put documents and also a big table to do everything what you need without moving from your chair.

Modern but with the time’s footprint on

“All are new and are all old” said a poem and this image is the perfect illustration of it. But since the representation is in the eyes of the spectator, it can mean a lot of different things depending of who is watching it. For me, this is a great combination of rustic, natural and simplicity with the necessities of our daily life.

The writer’s office

Everything here is studied and arranged to inspire the men who is sitting on that chair. Nothing is too much, nothing is too little and they all bring together the perfect place where you can create new ideas. Black is the dominating color and the desk is the piece of resistance here, all being concerned to make it look as perfectly as possible. Even if it looks like a simple room, actually every detail has its own place and importance, starting with the wallpaper with elegant lines and finishing with the soft gray carpet from the floor. They all together are creating warmness, bringing, in the same time, little of Shakespeare’s melancholy.

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