10 Design Trends That Should Rule 2020

If keeping up with the latest home decor trends is something you like to do to keep the looks of your home fresh and up-to-date, then now might be a good time to see home design trends are up and coming for 2020. From the floors to the walls, seeing what will popular this coming year can help you plan for whatever changes or updates you might do for your home. Some trends may be something you already have going on in your home, while others might be something you’d like to incorporate in a room or two. Either way, here are 10 design trends that should rule 2020.

1. Wallpaper on walls for artistic look

Walls are one of the biggest areas in a room to decorate. For many rooms, they are the focal point, whether you have all or one wall painted or decked out in an artsy decor idea. Wallpaper has been one design idea that tends to come and go, and some even love it or they hate it. Well, for those who love it, wallpaper is a design trend coming back in a big way. And when we say big, this means that big prints are going to be the ‘in’ thing, from big tropical prints, to rainforest. Raiforest patterns will even be popular for decor items, like cushions, towels, bedding and more.

2. Dark’s in; light’s out

Natural wood has been an elegant touch for homes for many years. It can be found on flooring, walls, ceilings and more. Wood will remain a beautiful and very popular architectural and home decor design idea, however, according to New Decor Trends, when once, lighter shades were being used for decorating ideas, with the coming new year, darker shades in wood are also coming. Dark wood gives a room, and home, a look of luxury and elegance, so if upgrading your wood is in your plans for 2020, consider changing the color to a rich, and more luxurious, dark hue.

3. Simple styles will be in

According to In Decor Trends, keeping things simple and natural is going to be a theme of 2020. Natural styles, such as a rustic theme, along with the clean look of the Scandinavian and modern design. Natural fabrics, accessories, and textiles are all going to be a popular decorating ideas found in homes next year.

4. Brighten your color scheme

If you love bright and bold colors, you’re in luck. This coming year is bringing brighter colors into homes. You’ll be seeing them used in some of the bigger elements in homes, especially homes where neutral tones are the main color choices. Neutral tones paired with bright colors in larger elements, such as large furniture pieces, cabinets and appliances, are going to be a bigger trend for this coming year.

5. More use of metals in furniture

More metal, is what is going to be seen in 2020, especially on furniture. Metals can be a sophisticated look and can be very aesthetically appealing for many decor looks. Chrome and copper paired with glass is always a beautiful combination. Metals are often found in the industrial decor design, rustic, modern, among others. Other beautiful metal finishes you’ll find popular in 2020 will include variations of oxidized metals and steel, so let the metal shine; from coffee table legs, mirrors, kitchen chairs, and your decor accessories.

6. Natural elements come in forms of imitation

Wood has been a continual favorite decor element for homeowners for years. Wood can be an expensive element to add to any home, however, with the different forms of imitation wood, such as wood laminate, you can give your home or any room in your home, the look of wood without spending more than you want. Along with imitation wood, you can find many other natural elements available in imitation forms, and because the use of natural elements is going to a popular trend, it will be much more affordable by choosing imitation substitutes.

7. Mirrors in unusual shapes

Mirrors are a beautiful decor idea for any room. They can be used as art decor pieces, for functional purposes, and to help visually enlarge small spaces. This year, according to Decor Designs Trends, mirrors in unusual shapes are going to be a hot new decor idea. Use unusual shaped mirrors in collage form on a wall to create a unique focal point in a room, or hang a uniquely shaped mirror over a sofa, table or vanity, to create a beautiful artsy look.

8. Recycle and upcycle

Upcycling furniture has quickly become a trend that is popular in many home decor themes. Taking items that may otherwise be discarded can be used to create new pieces that are either functional or simply for decoration, is a great way to not only a sustainable way to live, but it can be fun to use your creativity to give things a fresh new look in your home.

9. Indoor gardens are going to be big

For those who love the idea of having a little of the outdoors brought indoors, here’s your chance to be a part of a popular trend in 2020. Interior gardens are a beautiful way to express your love of nature. Creating a garden in your living room or other favorite room is the perfect place to sit and relax when you design it with a small sitting area around it so you can enjoy the beauty of nature any time.

10. Modern lighting is in

Lighting is a feature that can bring a room to life. In 2020, you’re going to see more lighting features in modern styles that will work with many different home decor schemes and ideas. When choosing light fixtures, it’s always best to keep the idea of your overall decor in mind so that everything flows with an aesthetic look and feel.

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