20 Tiny Studio Apartments That Make Great Uses of Space

Studio apartments are the smallest style of apartment living, with the smallest amount of space and square footage. Typically, all of your living quarters are arranged in just one room, aside the bathroom. The kitchen, bedroom, and living room are all in one room, which makes it a bit tricky to break the space into separate quarters and give the look and feel of individual spaces. With everything combined into one room, studio apartments are also especially challenging with storage, as many may not come with a closet to hang clothes. Studios make you get creative with storage. In order to prevent over crowdedness and clutter, finding the types of storage is important and we have some ideas that can help.


One of the most popular types of storage that can also double as a space divider, is a bookshelf unit. Bookshelves are a great way to organize books, knick knacks, and more. With so many cubbies and shelves, try diversifying them by adding storage baskets or boxes on some shelves to hide things you don’t want displayed. Set the unit between the sleeping quarters and the living room and you have an instant space divider that is both functional and attractive.


Baskets are very versatile size and design. You can find baskets that are both decorative and functional, and they can make studio apartment living much more organized when it comes to storage. If you want your baskets displayed or are storing things you want easy access to, decorative baskets that slide under a coffee table, sofa table, end table or next to the sofa can help with limited storage space. For storing things you want out of site, baskets sized to slide under the couch or bed are other options.

Free-standing cabinets 

There are so many different free-standing storage units available today that finding the perfect one for your studio should be easy. Free-standing cabinet units can function as both, storage and a space divider. Many cabinet are made to fit at the head of a bed to function as both a headboard and storage. The practicality of these units are multi-leveled, giving you storage, a room divider, as well as a head board to give the look and appearance of having a bedroom when in a studio apartment, you really don’t.

Tables and ottomans

Tables are not only handy for placing drinks, books, pictures, and other items on, but you can find tables in any shape, style and size. If storage is limited in your studio apartment, chose a coffee table that doubles as more storage, like a table with doors or pullout drawers, shelves, or cubbies. Ottomans are also multi-functioning and can act as a coffee table, especially when you set a decorative tray for stability when setting a drink or plate on it, but many ottomans have storage inside when you lift the top.

Be creative and utilize nooks for corner storage units, shelves, hanging baskets, or small, corner-fitting tables. Pegboards hanging on the wall are great to hang in the kitchen area to hang pots and pans and open up cabinets for other dishware. If you need more storage ideas, here are 20 tiny studio apartments that make great uses of space for you to view.

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