The Top 20 Celebrity Bedrooms in the United States

Celebrities are just like us, at least according to Us Weekly. So, if the average person spends anywhere from 7.5 to 9 hours each day in their bedroom, so do they. There’s just one huge difference. While many of our bedrooms aren’t all that special, celebrities tend to go all out when it comes to their private sanctuaries. From luxurious linens and custom-made beds to spectacular views they can get a glimpse of without raising their head, some celebrities are even more committed to designing a bedroom that would make plenty of us jealous.

The following 20 celebrities have done just that. Here are the top 20 celebrity bedrooms in the United States.

1. Vanessa Carlton

The bedroom in Vanessa’s SoHo loft is a unique mix of eclectic pieces that go together perfectly. The room features exposed brick walls, including one with large windows, as well as hardwood floors and an accent wall and ceiling painted a non-traditional black. Most of the room’s furniture is vintage, including the intricate armoire and mirror on the right. Check out the mismatched side tables that have almost nothing in common, yet look fabulous together. When it’s put together, Vanessa’s bedroom is gorgeous. Even better, it could be yours. She rents out the loft for $17,500, although it doesn’t appear to be available currently.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Just like Vanessa, Leonardo is a landlord. He rents out this stunning bedroom in his Palm Springs, starting at just $3,750 per night. The bedroom, which includes a huge stone fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that look out at the San Jacinto windows, is well worth the expense. Various shades of purple are used in the mid-century modern room, which features a king size bed and a fabulous purple sofa (on the right). Unfortunately, there’s no information available on the couch’s designer or where it came from.

3. Julianna Margulies

The bedroom in the star’s Manhattan apartment is spectacular. An accent wall, covered in marbleized wallpaper by Calico Wallpaper, sits behind the custom-made bed, which has been upholstered in a fabric by Rose Tarlow Melrose House and is highlighted by the exquisite Fortuny light fixture by Venetia Studium that hangs above it. If that’s not enough light, Julieanna can take advantage of the swing-arm sconces situated on both sides of the bed or the industrial floor lamp.

4. Cindy Crawford

While Cindy’s Malibu bedroom isn’t decorated with furniture from her own Cindy Crawford Collection, it is stunning and sophisticated. (Cindy’s line, by the way, has a Malibu bedroom suite.) Her former bedroom features creamy white walls and accents, a dark mahogany wood trim, a stone fireplace, and a mid-20th century Moroccan rug by the Beni Quarain tribe. To the right of the fireplace, a tufted chaise lounge offers a place to relax and read. Of course, the bed, covered with luxury linens by Nancy Koltes also provides a comfy spot for reading.

5. Kourtney Kardashian

If not for the pops of color strategically placed around the room, Kourtney’s beige and white bedroom could easily become boring. Instead, it’s amazing. Above the bed, three contemporary pieces by James Turrell demand your attention, as does the bouquet of bright pink fresh flowers sitting on the 1970s Belgian cocktail table at the end of the bed. On either side of the table, vintage lounge chairs by Jean-Michael Frank are covered in Edelman leather. On the floor, the plush carpet by the Rug Company looks as if it has never even been walked on. (When you consider that she has three kids, this is definitely a huge achievement.)

6. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

A custom-made bed, upholstered in fabric by Great Plains serves as the focal point in Ellen and Portia’s sophisticated bedroom. There are several antique pieces in the room, including the Gustavian cabinet on the far wall, the 17thcentury Tuscan table used as the right nightstand, and the French textile folded at the end of the bed. Instead of paint, the walls have been covered in Holland & Sherry’s textile fabric. It appears to be Glace Graphite, a wool sateen. The result is a chic and inviting room.

7. C.C. Sabathia

Although he’s not technically a celebrity, C.C. Sabathia is definitely a star in the MLB, so we’ll include him. In 2009, he signed a 7-year, $161 million deal, which may be where he got the money for this amazing bedroom in his New Jersey home. The bedroom is anchored by a huge bed designed especially for the Yankees pitcher and his wife, Amber, by designer Martin Mitchell, though it was probably the mirror by Christopher Guy leading into the master bathroom that caught your eye first. Overall, the bedroom has a timeless, elegant look, thanks to gray and beige palette and the dark makaassar ebony wood. Beside the bed, a few family photos, fresh flowers, and a pair of Uttermost lamps can be seen.

8. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber (Former Bedroom)

Before the couple broke up, quirky and beautiful was a good way to describe their NYC bedroom. Notice the floral curtains, which are paired with a decidingly masculine dark blue fabric by Clarence House. At the end of the bed with a deep buttoned headboard by RH, a vintage Italian bench sits and commands attention, thanks to its vibrant red color. To add another vintage touch to the room, the carpeted floor is covered with an antique Moroccan rug. There’s no word on what the couple has done with the apartment since their split.

9. Emilia Clark

Massive glass windows that overlook the pool and garden area dominate one wall in Emilia’s Venice bedroom, while the other side largely centers on a headboard with a slightly psychedelic touch. There is little to no information available about the specifics in the bedroom, so you’ll just have to enjoy it and wonder where everything came from. From this angle, you get a glimpse of the walk-through closet that leads to the ensuite bathroom.

10. Jennifer Lopez

This was once Jennifer’s Hidden Hills bedroom. Today, someone else owns the lavish master bedroom, which includes an attached sitting area with fireplace and a private terrace that can’t be seen from this angle. Before we go any further, let’s address the mirrored furniture, including a four poster bed, used in the room. In all honesty, it sounds tacky and gaudy, but somehow it works perfectly in here. When paired with a neutral color palette, the result is actually stunning. Sadly, there are no details available on the furniture and googling “mirrored bedroom sets” only reveals options straight out of the 1980s.

11. Gwen Stefani

The gorgeous bedroom in Gwen’s Hidden Hills house has been on the market for more than year, which means you can make it your own for just $35 million. (She’ll split the proceeds with ex, Gavin Rossdale.) It probably isn’t being sold furnished, but you can easily recreate the look, starting by keeping the black and white color scheme that extends from the ceiling to the floor. In here, a marble fireplace and built-in shelving sit across from the huge bed with a unique curved headboard. On the off chance not enough light comes through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the elaborate tiered crystal chandelier and recessed lighting should make up for it. It’s not clear if the floor is carpeted or something else.

12. Ashley Benson

Dark, dramatic, and elegant are the first words that come to mind when you glance at the Pretty Little Liars star’s bedroom. There is so much going on in here, that it is hard to know where to look first. Let’s start at the top with the ceiling covered with matte black wallpaper with a bumblebee print that is highlighted by the unique candelabra chandelier. The wallpaper continues down the back wall, only it now features a diamond pattern. From there, you can’t miss the black four poster bed with a tufted headboard and footboard. On the right, an ornate mirror hangs on the wall, while built-in shelving gives Ashley a place to display some of her prized possessions on the right. Pops of white liven up the room, as does pink cover and orange pillow on the bed.

13. Lady Gaga

Much like her kitchen, Lady Gaga’s bedroom definitely isn’t what you would expect. Instead of being weird, yet wonderful, it is has a tasteful and timeless look. The textured wood ceiling, accented by a candelabra chandelier, sets the tone for the room. The far wall consists entirely of floor-to-ceiling French doors that provide mesmerizing views of the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of the room, a regal four poster bed sits across from an antique fireplace mantel.

14. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

Of course, the view of NYC, which includes the Empire State building, is the first thing that catches your eye when you get a look at Gisele and Tom’s bedroom. However, the massive four poster bed, believed to be from John Reeve’s furniture line, on the left can’t be missed either. Otherwise, the room has a minimalist look, which may be purposely done to allow these two things to take center stage. The room also features dark hardwood floors, covered with a rug to provide warmth on those cold NYC mornings, a distinctive gold sculpture on the far bedside table, and a couple of fresh floral arrangements.

15. Kris Jenner

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly find cool wallpaper, Kris Jenner (or her designer, Jeff Andrews) manages to do it. The gray textured wallpaper by Astek Wallcoverings on the walls, as well as the precious metal wallpaper by Maya Romanoff on the ceiling, goes perfectly with the custom-made bed and crushed velvet headboard. The amazing rug is also custom-made. On both sides of the fireplace on the back wall, two wingback chairs give Kris a place to relax and enjoy just how beautiful the room is. If she feeling a little cold, she can borrow the silver fox fur throw from the bed. When you also factor in the exquisite lamps, chandelier, and high gloss furniture, the room is truly gorgeous.

16. Heidi Klum

If Heidi’s Brentwood bedroom looks a little small to you, there’s a reason for that. It’s actually a suite that includes a separate living room, terrace, his and her bathrooms, and his and her custom closets. In other words, this serene oasis is simply where she sleeps. With the exception of the dark wood on the French doors leading to the terrace and the beige oriental rug, the room is clad almost entirely in soft blues and creams. Although it’s not confirmed, the glamorous, button-tufted headboard may have come from Grace Home Furnishings. After designing this bedroom, as well as renovating the entire rest of the house, Heidi sold it for around $24 million.

17. Meg Ryan

Meg’s Martha’s Vineyard bedroom is crisp, clean, and simple, which is part of what makes it so gorgeous. The bedroom opens using the sliding barn door, giving it a rustic vibe, especially when paired with the dark wood on the custom-made trunk and bed and the old-fashioned, stand-up mirror on the left. The bed is topped with vintage linens. Due to the high sloping ceiling and the ample amount of natural light shining through the (unseen from this angle) windows on the left, there was no need to go overboard when it came to lighting. Instead, a hanging lamp can be found over the bed. To give the room a touch more color, a fresh bouquet of flowers sits beside the bed.

18. Kid Rock

You just thought Lady Gaga’s bedroom didn’t fit her public persona. Now, take a look at Kid Rock’s Balinese bedroom retreat. It’s totally not what you were expecting, right? Instead, it’s a gorgeous sanctuary that is both relaxing and sophisticated. There are several unique elements in the room, such as the wood paneled, vaulted ceiling and the Balinese colonial four-poster bed that is draped with white sheers and topped with peachy cream linens. The lamp sitting on the visible end table has a Tiffany-esque look to it. Unfortunately, he can’t enjoy this bedroom any longer. Kid sold it for $9.5 million in June 2017, more than $2 million less than what he paid for it in 2006.

19. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Way before Luna was born, John and Chrissy were the proud owners of a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. It’s obvious why they were proud of this bedroom. It’s simply stunning and quite different from most other celeb bedrooms. A 19th-century gilded-leather screen stands behind the bed from Siglo Moderno, which is topped with a silky green coverlet by Frette. Above the bed, a futuristic-style chandelier straight out of the 1970s can be seen. Below the bed, a hand-tufted rug from Doris Leslie Blau makes sure the couple’s feet stay warm on those cold NYC mornings.

20. Michael C. Hall

The bedroom in Michael C. Hall’s former Los Feliz bedroom has several architectural touches that make it stand out, including the exposed wood beam ceiling and the six pane windows that line up beside each other on two different walls. (Originally, the ceiling beams were hidden by drywall. After it was removed, they were left raw, though a seal was applied on top.) In front of the windows, an oversized chair and ottoman sit cattycornered to the bed made with luxurious linens. Above, a distinctive light fixture doesn’t appear to give off more than a touch of light. Overall, the room is subdued, serene, and beautiful.

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