20 Beautiful Examples of Moroccan Rugs Incorporated into a Room

The beautiful look of Moroccan design is very detailed. Moroccan design is consistent with intricate carvings, beautiful arched doorways, and their fabrics are rich in vibrant colors and textures. The majority of Moroccan design gets its origins from what is known as Moorish architecture, and it has become quite popular all around the world. When it comes to decorating your home, or a room in Moroccan decor, most people love to complete the design theme with a beautiful Moroccan area rug. An area rug can complete an entire room and tie everything about the room and decor together. An area rug is one of the largest visual furnishing pieces in a room which makes choosing the right rug for your room very important. An area rug can tie a room together and complete a look or it can make a room look awkward and incomplete. To make sure you choose the right Moroccan rug for your room, here are a few tips to help you get started.

About Morrocan rugs

The traditional Moroccan rugs are made from wool which is usually taken from goats or sheep that live in Morocco or New Zealand. Wool can be retrieved from either a live animal, or from the skin of an already slaughtered sheep. It is said that you can tell if the material is real or synthetic by setting a corner of the rug on fire. It may sound crazy, but if you really want to know or question the authenticity of the rug, seeing if a corner will start to burn is a good way to find out. This is because synthetic materials will catch fire easily and keep burning, while all-natural material will not. Ok, may not be the best way to test the authenticity of the rug in a store, but it will definitely give you the correct answer.

Choose a design

A lot of the designs in Moroccan designed rugs are tribal sign designs with the Zanafi Tribe being one of the most popular tribal designs to choose from. If you love to research, learning about the different tribes and their specific designs can help inspire your decor theme, including choosing a rug. You may find your favorite tribe and design to set the design palette for your room. This can include patterns, colors, textures, decor pieces, among other decorating ideas. Some of the tribes are known for using bold geometric shapes and colors, which can give you a lot of room to play with when it comes to furnishings and artwork for the room.

What color do you choose?

Choosing a color depends on what you already have going on in your room. If you already have a lot of colors being used in your room or a mixture of patterns, try sticking to a more basic look to the rug. First, you will want to be thoughtful of the tones in your flooring, whether it be carpet, tile, or hardwood. Neutral tones and simple patterns will work best with a room that already has a lot visually going on. On the other hand, if you want to choose your rug first and work the room around the colors and patterns of the rug, you can go this route too. This allows you to choose wall colors, furnishings and other decor items according to the design and colors of the rug. Your Moroccan rug will be your starting point as you begin to plan your room.

What shape should you choose?

The shape you choose should be based off the size and shape of your room. A few hints are that square or round rugs work well in square rooms. Rectangular rugs should really be chosen for rectangular rooms, and the rug should be placed in the same direction that the room runs.

Final thoughts

When it comes to keeping your beautiful Moroccan area rug clean, vacuum your rug often. This means you will want to vacuum the top of the rug that is walked on, but to get it really clean from top-to-bottom, flipping the rug over to vacuum the bottom of the rug is important, too. This really only needs to be done a couple times of year, but of course if there is heavy foot traffic on the rug, you may want to do this a few more times than that. If you want to get a deep cleaning to remove spots or odors, carpet cleaning companies that specialize in wool rugs are a great way to get a deep cleaning and refresh your rug back to its beautiful, vibrant state.

If you love the Moroccan design and want a little Moroccan inspiration for choosing a rug, here are 20 beautiful examples of Moroccan rugs incorporated into a room to help inspire you.

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