20 Sensible Brown Kitchen Ideas

Browns come in an array of shades and tones and can ranges from a light beige to chocolate or dark brown. Some people may think that brown is too drab or boring to decorate their kitchen with, but done right, and you can create a nice, warm kitchen that is cozy and comforting. There are so many different ways you can incorporate brown into the kitchen, from subtle uses of the color, or using brown on a bigger scale, such as cupboards, flooring and other main components of the kitchen.

Shades of brown work well with many different types of metals, textures, finishes, and appliances. You can mix and match so many aspects of your elements in your kitchen, from window coverings, bar stools, counters and more. If you love the warmth of brown and want to learn more of how you can use it in your kitchen, keep reading to get some good tips on incorporating brown in the room you spend so much time in, the kitchen.

Mix old with new

Brown is a great color to mix two types of decorating schemes, such as old and new. While brown is often thought of as an old, more traditional color, you can bring brown back from the “old” and add “new” to make it a more modern look for today. Newer appliances with sleek, new looks, such as brushed nickels or stainless steel work well with brown and shades of brown. Combine brown cabinets with glass doors or open shelving, with travertine flooring or travertine backsplashes, and granite countertops with mixtures of light and dark browns.

Color pops

Use splashes of color throughout the kitchen to offset the brown. Reds and shades of red are always a good combo with brown. Yellows, greys, oranges are also often used with browns. Fabrics are the best places to see splashes of colors, such as in your window coverings or seat cushions. You can also use color pops in patterns in your backsplash or lighting fixture that hangs over the kitchen table.

Modernize your furniture

If you want to create a sensible look with your brown, try choosing furniture that is more modern, such as your kitchen table, bakers rack or hutch. Find pieces that are modern and not overly stated. A large brown table, or other large piece of furniture, can really put too much brown in your kitchen and make it feel heavy. Modern, or painted barstools, or an off-white or cream-colored hutch with glass doors, can brighten your kitchen.

For other ideas, look at these 20 sensible brown kitchen ideas.

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