10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look More Fun

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where they spend a lot of time preparing meals for the family. Those with larger kitchens or kitchen diners may also use their kitchen as a social or entertaining space. As you spend so much time there, you probably want the décor to reflect your tastes and personality. You may even wish to inject a little fun into the décor of this room. Here are 10 tips to make your kitchen look more fun.

1. Colorful Units

Traditionally, kitchen units are made from wood or MDF. These are often left plain, varnished, or painted white. In recent years, there have been more options available. These have included gloss doors and units available in a vast array of colors. Instead of opting for the standard white or wood, choose something bright and colorful. If you cannot afford to replace your entire kitchen, it is possible to simply change the doors on standard size. An even cheaper option is to paint the existing cupboard doors, says Ideal Home.

2. Glitter in Your Work Surfaces

Another option is to change your work surfaces. If you are trying to make your kitchen look more fun, then a great idea is to choose work countertops that have a little sparkle. Not only do these look fun, but they also add touches of glamor and luxury to your kitchen.

3. Eye-Catching Light Fittings

Other than the units and countertops, your choice of light fittings is one of the most important features of the kitchen. This is not only about providing practical lighting solutions but also about adding a fun and interesting feature for your kitchen. Choose something that stands out, such as an oversized light fitting, one that hangs low, a light that is made from unusual materials, or one that has a unique design.

4. Funky Flooring

The flooring in your kitchen is both a practical feature and an important element of the design. In terms of practicality, you must have a floor that is water-resistant, easy to clean, and anti-slip. For this reason, popular choices for kitchen flooring include wood, tile, linoleum, and stone. Within each of these categories, there are options available that can give your kitchen a more fun appearance. These include options with bright colors or patterns. If you cannot afford to replace your current flooring, consider giving it a lick of paint with floor paint.

5. Add Pops of Color

One of the simplest and most effective ways of injecting some fun into any room is to add pops of color. This does not necessarily mean that you must paint every wall a vivid color. You can have just one feature wall in a bright color if you wish, or you can add pops of color with your accessories and soft furnishings. Spread the colors around the kitchen so that there is something colorful and eye-catching, no matter where you look. According to BHG, adding color to your kitchen will give it a custom look.

6. Make the Room Light

A room that lacks light can look gloomy, and this will spoil any efforts you make to add some fun into the room. Make sure you make the most of any natural light coming into the room by not blocking it with furniture or overly large curtains. Artificial lighting can also contribute to the overall brightness of the room and give it a good ambiance. Make sure you have enough lighting to prevent having any dark corners or nooks in your kitchen.

7. Use Patterns

Using patterns is a further way that you can inject some fun into your kitchen. There are many elements of your kitchen that you can use to add patterns. On the walls, you can create patterns with tiles or have a feature wall with patterned wallpaper. If you are skilled with a paintbrush, you can even attempt to paint designs on the walls yourself. Other ways of adding patterns are the flooring, soft furnishings, and accessories you choose for the room.

8. Add Various Textures

Adding various textures will make any room look more appealing to the eye, so this is another strategy you should consider for making your kitchen look more fun. Freshome says that using textures is essential as it changes the feel of the room. While rough textures make a place feel cozy and intimate, smooth surfaces give a modern look. Try using different textures around your kitchen to make it look fun, such as wood, stone, and different fabrics.

9. Showcase Some Novelty Items

Showcasing accessories and novelty items is a simple way of adding fun to your kitchen. If you have limited decorating skills and a limited budget, then adding some fun accessories to the room is the simplest option. Use your work surfaces, the dining table, and any shelving to display items that are colorful, comedic, novel, or unique. These can also create talking points when you have guests visiting your home. It is an excellent way of displaying any souvenirs or trinkets you have picked up on your travels.

10. Display Fun Artwork

Artwork makes a kitchen look more visually appealing, and it adds focal points around the room. When choosing artwork for your kitchen, think about the style of the room, and also the size. You should opt for pieces that are the appropriate size that fits in with the overall theme or color scheme. To contribute to the fun you are trying to create, choose prints or paintings that have a comedy element or that are brightly colored. Prints and canvases are not your only option. You may prefer to display wall art in the form of photographs, sculptures, or ceramics. Whatever you choose, you should only showcase art that appeals to you as you will have to look at it every day.

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