20 Practical and Pretty Industrial Design Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is where you spend a big chunk of your time each and every day. You, your family, friends and guests often gather in the kitchen for mealtime and visiting. Most everyone wants their kitchen to be highly functional so that they can maneuver around it easily, as well as practical, and beautiful, too.

It’s important that your kitchen is the way you love it, both in design and looks, so that you can feel relaxed and at ease working in the room that is often referred to as the hub of the home. One design look that has gained popularity in home design over the years, is the Industrial design. Although not typically known to be the most popular look for a kitchen, it is quite unique and can be very aesthetically appealing to look at. If you love the look of the old industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, and overall, weathered building look, here are a few ways to give your kitchen the same look and feel.


There is so much you can do to the interior of the room to make it look and feel industrialized: exposed brick walls, piping that runs across the ceiling or walls, weathered and rustic woods, and metal surfaces. These are main ingredients in a mix of industrial style kitchen.


When it comes to your appliances, retro-looking appliances are a great addition to an Industrial style kitchen. SMEG fridges and era-marked stoves, etc. You can really bring your kitchen into a whole new time and feel with the appliances, all on their own, being that these are some of the biggest focal points of the room.

Light fixtures

There are so many options for light fixtures, whether you choose retro pendant lights, barn lights, industrial linear lights, among many more. Metal finishes and eccentric designs are some of the most common types of fixtures from the industrial décor theme.


You will often see a lot of wood flooring in an industrial style kitchen, however, a number of floorings will work. Large tiles, or other flooring types that have an industrial appeal.

One of the best ways to get ideas for an industrial kitchen, take tours of old manufacturing warehouses or drive downtown through the old area of your town and look at old buildings to get inspiration. For more inspiring ideas, take a look at the following 20 practical and pretty industrial design kitchen ideas.

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