20 Gorgeous Transitional Style Bedroom Design Ideas

For an elegant, yet not too fussy or overstated bedroom, the transitional style décor theme is one that will fit the bill for a happy medium. It combines both modern and contemporary and is an easy look to accomplish. With the use of soft, neutral, and muted tones, your bedroom will feel peaceful and tranquil, yet dressed up in modern appeal. You can combine both types of furniture and décor items with no rhyme or rhythm, and incorporate as little or as much as you want of each. There are no specific details or guidelines with a transitional design, which is what makes it so fun to work with. To create an elegant and classy look for your bedroom, take a look at some of the ways you can accomplish it.

Color scheme

Many people prefer to use a neutral tone on the walls to lead the rest of their décor theme with. Cream, brown hues, muted greens and blues, and gray, are all colors that are common among transitional décor. You may choose to put a darker shade of brown or deep taupe on the walls and offset the color with white trim. Bedding ensembles are typically neutral tones, too, but you don’t have to just settle for a solid color, you can use patterned ensembles and incorporate playful colors in the deco pillows or throw at the foot of the bed. Neutral colored draperies or simple blinds, are indicative of a transitional bedroom as well.


Transitional furniture may seem basic in design because it is simple, clean, classic and anything but embellished. But it is still a beautiful look that utilizes soft curves and crisp lines. The color or wood used in transitional design is typically dark and rich, which includes wood flooring. Fabric on the furniture sticks with the neutral toned-palette and there is often a mix of both contemporary style furniture and modern in a transitional room. You may choose a contemporary headboard for your bed, and a more modern dresser to go with it. To mix furniture and décor pieces, a pair of contemporary side tables with modern table lamps can be a beautiful way to bring the two looks together.

Overhead lighting

Many transitional bedrooms opt to have a main focal point of the room as a beautiful, hanging chandelier over the bed. They not only offer great overhead light, but a gorgeous ambience. Finding the right chandelier really includes just a few things: your personal style, matching the size to scale of your room, and your budget. You can have fun finding the perfect chandelier. Go a little classic with a solid contemporary looking chandelier, or take it to a modern level and give the room an overall look of modernism with a uniquely designed chandelier that fits this century design.

For more transitional bedroom ideas, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous transitional style bedroom design ideas.

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