10 Essentials for the Perfect Vaporwave Bedroom

Originally, Vaporwave was a music genre that emerged in the 2010s that evolved from chillwave and hypnagogic pop and was influenced by pop culture and consumer capitalism. The genre was defined by various other music genres from the 1980s and 1990s combined with modern musical influences. Vaporwave then also became a visual art style that was based on the imagery used on album covers and in music videos. The imagery was based on early Internet imagery, the typical web design of the late 1990s, anime, 3D-rendered objects, glitch art, surrealism, and cyberpunk. In turn, this influenced Internet memes, and Vaporwave also became an interior design style. Most people who use this style in their homes are fans of Vaporwave music, although some just love the colors and themes of this unique style. If you are a fan of this interior design theme and want to transform your bedroom in this style, here are the 10 essentials you need for the perfect Vaporwave bedroom.

1. Have a Black Feature Wall

An eye-catching feature in a Vaporwave bedroom is a solid black feature wall. A black wall gives an amazing and dramatic contrast against the other colors that you will use with this theme. Black is a color that not many people use in their bedrooms, but it will make the rest of the features for this design theme stand out.

2. Use Bright Colors

Other than a single black wall, the rest of the colors you feature in your Vaporwave bedroom are bright. Paint the other walls white, as these walls will then take on the colors of your lighting and any signage you use in the bedroom. For the accessories in your room, choose bright colors, but avoid primary colors of rich tones. Instead, opt for pinks in shades of candyfloss, Barbie, or fuchsia. From the blue color palette, select aqua or turquoise. Purples are another color to choose and opt for magenta, mauve, and psychedelic purple. You should add pops of color around the room.

3. Add Neon Signs

Neon signs are an essential element of the Vaporwave style. Adding some neon signage to your black walls is dramatic, and it will add a colorful glow over the white walls opposite. There are signs that feature imagery or the outlines of designs, and others that feature fun phrases. Your neon signs act as a form of wall art, so they are an interesting feature of the room.

4. Hang Vaporwave Wall Art

In addition to being a music genre, Vaporwave also became a visual art style. Imagery often features Internet design or 3D graphics. There are amazing prints and posters that you can buy that depict album covers or images that are perfect for this art style. Hanging some of your favorite pieces around the room will contribute to the overall vibe of the room.

5. Use Colored Mood Lighting

In any room that you use the Vaporwave theme, you should choose colored lighting rather than regular lighting. You can achieve some of the colorful glow in the room with your neon signage. However, in most rooms, this will not provide sufficient light. Instead, opt for neon strip lighting in pinks, purples, or blues. Alternatively, add mood light that allows you to adjust the lighting or even to switch between colors to reflect your mood or give your room a different look when you choose.

6. Lay Patterned Flooring

In theory, you can add any modern-looking flooring to a Vaporwave bedroom. However, if you are going all out to achieve the perfect look, then opt for bold, patterned flooring. Black and white checked tiles or stripes are perfect for this look and provide a contrast to the neon colors you use.

7. Choose Chrome Fixtures and Fittings

Gold and brass fixtures and fittings do not work with this interior design style. Instead, opt for chrome fixtures and fittings. For example, choose chrome door handles and light fittings. You should also consider adding some accessories that feature chrome around the room.

8. Consider Modernizing Moldings and Arches

Moldings and arches are often a historic feature of properties, but they work well with the modern vaporwave them if you give them a modern twist. There is a touch of Art Deco in the Vaporwave style, so you can use moldings and arches creatively to add to the theme. Finishing Store suggests painting any moldings in a bright color that coordinates with the rest of your color scheme. Use arched alcoves to create storage areas, and consider adding neon lighting to the top of the arches. If your bedroom does not have any interesting architectural features, you can buy modern moldings to create the effect, and this adds layer and texture to the room.

9. Have Vaporwave Themed Bedding

There are some amazing themed bedding options out there for the vaporwave interior design theme. You can choose bedding in the bright colors associated with this style or even opt for bedding that depicts a famous vaporwave art piece. If you prefer plain bedding, then just choose bedding in a color that coordinates with the rest of the color scheme you have used in the bedroom. A further option is to use plain black or white bedding and then add some color with a throw and cushions.

10. Choose Retro Accessories and Fun Items

Your choice of accessories can make a big difference in the overall look of your Vaporwave bedroom. For soft furnishings, choose cushions and throws in bright pinks, purples, and blues. You should also add some retro and fun accessories to your room. Think about items that reflect the early Internet or retro gaming. You can also use pop art as an inspiration for your choice of accessories. The accessories you choose will not only contribute to the vibe of the room, but they are also an opportunity to reflect your personality and transform your bedroom into a space that you will enjoy.

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