10 Essentials for the Perfect Coral Bedroom

So many bedroom design trends come and go over the years, but there’s one particular color scheme that has stood the test of time. The coral scheme is one that evokes joyful and lighthearted vibes. It’s no wonder that it’s popping up on everyone’s radar yet again. There are a few ways you can incorporate a coral scheme into your bedroom design. You can focus completely on the color; you can focus your design on the most beautiful ocean corals into a mild ocean theme. Otherwise, you can also combine the coral scheme into whichever bedroom design style you’re working with. Whichever one you decide to do, here are the 10 essentials you should have for the perfect coral bedroom.

1. Coral walls

To paint your entire bedroom walls coral will take a lot of guts, but the end result could be spectacular if you’re willing. Coral paint on the walls may seem like a bit much, but it will work with proper decorating. Coral walls will go best with décor that’s more minimalistic in approach. It would be best to go with white or neutral, as these colors would allow coral paint to really shine. You also don’t want to feel overwhelmed in what would otherwise be an intense room; balance the color out with neutral décor.

2. Framed coral outwork

There’s nothing beautifully subtler than watercolor coral paintings. Corals are incredible marine invertebrates, and they are wonderful subjects of art. Having watercolor coral artwork on your walls will add sophistication and fun to your bedroom at the same time. Naturally, you’ll want to go with a coral color scheme, but this is one part of your coral design where you can venture off with other complementing coral colors such as green and blue. Let nature be your inspiration on this.

3. Coral bedding

The next most obvious thing to have in a coral bedroom is coral bedding. If you’re leaving your walls white or neutral, a coral bedding set will stand out in a great way. You can either go with an entire set in a coral color, or simply accent your bed with a coral duvet or coral-colored pillowcases.

4. Coral throw pillows

It’s okay if you don’t want your bed to be fully coral. You can always add coral throw pillows as accents to your bed. What we have in mind are throw pillows that have actual coral designs on them rather than just coral-colored throw pillows. Throw pillows will allow you to implement the coral design gently. They are great to look at; they’re comfortable. Coral throw pillows can also be cleaned and interchanged as needed.

5. Ocean-style curtains

You definitely don’t want too much coral in one bedroom, so one of the best ways to remedy that is to have curtains that present a complementing color scheme. Because corals come from the ocean, it’s still best to stay within the ocean scheme. You can imagine bluish curtains or sea-inspired curtain fabric. Any of these will go great against your coral décor—regardless of how much or how little you have. It’ll also perpetuate the coral theme implicitly.

6. Coral bedside lamp

Lighting is an important aspect in any bedroom, and you might as well go with coral-style lamps to go with your bedroom design. For lamps, you can either go with a coral base and a neutral shade or vice versa—a coral shade on a neutral base. Some of our favorites include clear/see-through bases with actual coral inside and a neutral lampshade to match. The end product is something truly elegant, and this is something that you can even turn into a DIY project.

7. Coral chandelier

You might not know this, but you can actually find coral chandelier to go with your coral bedroom. There are many styles you can choose from through this site, and they’re all amazing as a matter of fact. Prices will range as well depending on the style, but coral chandeliers are statement pieces that can truly add that wow-factor in your bedroom.

8. Coral mirror

Every bedroom should have a mirror element. Mirrors are both functional and decorative, and they add dimension into any type of room. Even if you can only do a small-framed mirror, make sure that it’s framed in coral. If you are hanging your mirror on the wall, it might be best if you’re using natural-colored or white corals. The effect is so simple yet effectively gorgeous. You might find yourself looking at your reflection even more if you’ve got a coral mirror hanging in your bedroom.

9. Greenery

Although it might seem like it’s against the design grain, greenery in a coral bedroom actually works. It’s easy to argue that greenery in any bedroom works, but it does work even better in a bedroom that’s inspired by nature. Any coral you put in your bedroom is likely to be dead, so adding a live element will only make your bedroom come to life. You don’t need anything substantial—even small succulents will do the trick.

10. Actual coral

The best thing you can have in a coral bedroom is an actual coral. We highly believe that coral belongs to the ocean, but there are propagating programs out there that will allow you have a small piece of ocean in your home. Of course, there are also plenty of other stunning coral pieces that aren’t alive. These will be great decorative pieces on a bookcase, vanity, bedside table, or anywhere else. Coral décor is also a good reminder of the current reality of coral in the oceans. It’ll serve as a beautiful reminder of nature and how even a small amount of it can completely change the atmosphere—even that of a bedroom.

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