Five Awesome Minecraft Dining Rooms For Inspiration

In Minecraft, you don’t need to have a dining room, but it’s nice to complete your mansion with this formal and elegant addition. If you’re thinking about building a dining room in Minecraft, we have some ideas that you might find interesting. It’s more of a status and prestige thing than a necessity, but if you’re going to do something, why not go all the way? Here are five excellent Minecraft dining rooms for inspiration.

1. Minecraft Dining Room Interior Design 1

This Minecraft dining room was published on February 18, 2016. So far, it’s had 4,451 views along with 136 downloads. Camro27 created this exceptional room. He saw it through to 100 percent completion. What makes this dining room so noteworthy? In our humble opinion, it is the amount of detail built into the design of the chairs. This detail becomes the focal point for the project, although we love the long formal dining table and areas for sitting off to the right. He created a checkered pattern for the floor using wood logs, which was a nice touch. You can download the schematics with no worries about copyright infringement per Camro27.

2. Nordic Dining Hall

This may be one of the most intricate dining rooms we’ve seen. The most notable feature of this dining room is the use of space. The walls go straight up then curve over to reveal an ornate and high ceiling that gives the impression of a massive cathedral. The builder incorporated shrubs to line the sides of the entryway lining artistically placed water ponds. The entrance is a large medieval style gate that is left open to offer a sense of being outdoors. We love the use of brown wood and gray stone incorporated into the elaborate Medieval style designs. There are plenty of features to keep your eyes busy and they all work very well together. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, this is a design that is suitable for a castle in Minecraft, with a Nordic theme.

3. Halion Dining Room in Minecraft

We found this lovely dining room on Pinterest. It’s the dining room built for the Halion Medieval castle. If you’re looking for great ideas for your dining room, this is a good example to consider. The builder made this a long room and started with a unique floor design that maximizes the use of blonde and dark wood squares to create a long boxed border for the extravagant dining table. The walls are textured with gray and various shades of brown. To add visual diversity, green plants are thrown in to give the room a splash of color in select areas. This Minecraft dining room has received 16,051 views. It’s a project that will no doubt take some time but it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Even a dining room that is just half the length would be spectacular for your Minecraft mansion. The basic design scheme is one that can be altered in a lot of different ways to create the dining room of your dreams.

4. Lovely Minecraft Dining Room

The Lovely Minecraft Dining Room was posted by Gaston Labadie on March 3, 2017. The emphasis for this dining room is more about how to use a small space than it is on elaborate design schemes. Labadie uses the table as the main focal point with chunky chairs to create an area that seats six comfortably. This is a modern design that shows you how to use basic flooring and furniture in Minecraft to create a functional space without a lot of frills. It only takes a few well-placed design elements to create a dining room that looks great. We can appreciate the gray floor with its brown borders that make it visually attractive. The use of six placemats organized neatly in front of the chairs is also a nice touch. Labadie provides instruction on the basics of building a dining room in Minecraft and this is the result. It’s a great project to launch for beginners who are just starting to get their feet wet in the Minecraft Universe.

5. Lovely Minecraft Dining Room With Accent Wall

One of our favorite Minecraft dining rooms is this one with an accent wall. What makes this dining room stand out from all the rest is the use of clear blocks to provide you with a lovely view of the outside. The accent wall lets you gaze out at the evening stars while you’re enjoying your evening meal. The floor features lovely wood planking in a dark walnut tone. Wood accents appear on all the walls. The gray marble ceiling that seems to reach to the sky gives the room a sense of spaciousness. The table and chairs are basic gray blocks accented with wood trim. The vase of red flowers in the center of the table adds just the right amount of color. For lighting, wooden torches suspended high on the ceiling provide a lovely accent with a chandelier effect. Wall sconces holding more torches for lighting placement give it a well-balanced feeling. This dining room offers a few excellent ideas to create an out of this world dining room in Minecraft. This design is definitely one that has our vote. It’s one that provides some great ideas for the use of space. It also shows what you can do to enhance basic furniture elements and make them more decorative and interesting. It only takes a few minor tweaks to turn a bland design into a work of art if you have the time and patience.

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