10 Perfect Types of Dining Room Tables for a Small Area

Small spaces in homes can be hard to decorate and furniture shop for. Dining rooms are often one of the areas of a home that are notably smaller spaces, leaving little room for a dining room table that fits, both comfortably, and visually. Despite the small, cramped space you might be dealing with when it comes to your dining room, it is possible to find a dining room table that can be functional, and create an appealing look. You don’t have to compromise on looks and comfort if you know what to look for when shopping for a small dining table, and we have some small dining room table ideas to help you choose the the right one for your home. These tables are meant to help cozy up the space, maximize floor space, and make rooms look and feel bigger, so read on to see 10 perfect types of dining room tables for a small area and get inspired to find yours.

1. Small Round

Small, round tables are a basic style of table but can be one of the easiest to fit into a small dining area that has space on either side for foot traffic. There are endless variations of the small round dinette so you can find one that melds with your decor style and taste. If your table set doesn’t come with chairs, you can choose chairs that blend with the table, but have their own style to really give your set some character.

2. Bistro

Little Bistro table are small dinette tables and they fit perfectly in small dining areas that can’t fit a large table. They’re quaint and cozy tables for one or two, and you can make them cozier by placing a beautiful round area rug beneath it to complete the look of a charming little outdoor cafe table.

3. Small Square or Rectangle Table

If you have a narrow room with a wall, give yourself more foot traffic space by keeping the table nestled up against the wall when it’s just one or two of you eating, or sipping coffee of the morning paper. Pull the table out from the wall to make it a cozy dinner setting for more guests around the table.

4. Tulip Top

Stylish and modern, the tulip top table is a great way to keep your small dining area freed up with more floor space. The base of the table is one structure as opposed to square and rectangular tables where the four legs can eat up floor space. This type of table can be constructed out of a variety of materials and you can find one that fits the look of your decor theme, including glass top versions, like this one above.

5. Small Tripod-Style Table

Just like a camera on a tripod, this table boasts the same style with three legs that sprout out from the bottom of the table into a tripod stand design. In a small dining space, the table doesn’t require much floor space, so set this table in a cozy corner or in front of a window with a view to add a more charming appeal to your dining. experience.

6. Expandable and Drop-Leaf

Expandable and drop-leaf tables are perfect for those with a small dining area, but do like to entertain or have occasional guests for dinner. When it’s just the two of you, simply drop the leafs and you have a quaint table for two. Pull the leafs up, and you’re ready to have a cozy dinner with friends or family.

7. Tall Pub-Style Tables

If you love the feel of sitting up high like at ta pub, these pub tables let you enjoy that same feeling in your own home. Tall pub tables add vertical square footage to a room with their height, and are a great way to compliment a dining area with high ceilings. Place a beautiful rectangular area rug below and hang your style of lighting above, and you have a great focal point for your dining room.

8. Table and Bench

When all you have is a little nook to put a table, why not turn it into a booth-like design by creating a bench of seats on side, and chairs for the other. You will be able to fit more people around the table in a small dining area like the one above, and keep more of your walk space open than with a traditional table that sits in the middle of the room.

9. Airy, Metal-Leg table

Give your small dining area a modern or industrial look with a light and airy, metal-leg table. With the sleek look of metal, you can help to open up the room with more visual square footage as well as actual square footage with the slimmer legs of the table and chairs. The table can sit in a small, open dining area, or be set against a wall when only used for one or two diners, and pulled away when you need to add more chairs for guests at your table.

10. Small Pedestal Table

Pedestal tables are stylish and add a lot of character to a room. Many pedestal tables have leafs that can be added to create a larger table for more settings. A leaf can turn a round pedestal table into a larger oval shape that easily seats four. To turn your pedestal table into a focal point for your dining area, place a stylish round area rug underneath the pedestal and a beautiful flower arrangement on the center of the table.

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