20 Beautiful Dining Rooms Incorporating Concrete

Exquisite and elegant, your dining room is your very special room for gather for meals with friends and family. It’s the room you display your best and most valued furniture and décor pieces – artwork, china, among other precious valuables. You want your dining room to also display your style and taste, no matter what it is.

With so many different design themes to choose from, plus combinations of decorating styles, it can be overwhelming to know what types of materials and elements to include in your dining room. One fairly new concept to decorating themes is the use of concrete. Concrete has always been thought of as an element used in construction or a material for outdoor structures.

Today, concrete is actually a very efficient and beautiful design element that has been brought into the house and is used in different ways to work in some of the most beautiful decorating schemes. While the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to find concrete in, the dining room is also starting to show its fair share of concrete design elements. If you love the thought of using concrete in your dining room, here are some things to think about when it comes to incorporating the material in your dining room decorating theme.

Start small

Sometimes an idea like incorporating concrete into a room in your home may sound intriguing, but you are just not quite ready to take that leap and go full force and have more concrete than you can handle, such as an entire floor done in concrete, or large dining table. If this is the case, start small. Try introducing a small table, used for holding platters of food during meals, that boasts a beautiful concrete top. Maybe a concrete light fixture would look lovely hanging over your dining room table, or perhaps you have some concrete décor items you can place throughout the room, a vase, a paperweight, a cool pitcher. While you are transitioning into the bigger use of concrete, keep it small and gradual.

Don’t expect dramatic curves and details

When it comes to concrete, this isn’t exactly a material that allows for a lot of delicate detail. Tables and tabletops are not exactly curvy, and comfortably ergonomically pleasing. If you plan to go with a concrete tabletop, be prepared to have an adjustment in visual appearances with your concrete table.

Will vary in texture

If you are accustomed to perfection in a wooden type dining table, or other surfaces, such as you’d also find in granite, you may need to adjust your way of thinking here, too. Concrete is a raw material that will have variations in its texture. There are ways to help get it to look and feel more perfect, but it will still be a big difference from the typical dining table you are accustomed to.

Concrete flooring and walls

These two elements can add a dramatic affect to your dining room, especially because there is more of the concrete exposed in these areas, as opposed to a table top of fixture. You have many different options to make a concrete wall or floor unique and elegant and it usually entails stamping or staining.

Learn more about using concrete in your dining room to create a unique, elegant or modern look to your home. Here are 20 beautiful dining rooms incorporating concrete to help you gain some ideas of what you can do with yours.

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