10 Essentials for the Perfect Coastal Dining Room

Each person has their own personal preferences when it comes to their choice of interior design. A popular theme is a coastal style, which is a style you can use in homes along the coast. However, you do not necessarily need to live in a coastal location to include the theme in your home, as you can just as easily apply it to any property just because you like the style. It is a simple style to create in any room in your home, including the dining room. If this is your preferred style for your dining room, then here are the 10 essentials for the perfect coastal dining room.

1. Use a Light Coastal Color Scheme

White and other neutral colors, such as cream or beige, are the basis of the coastal style. So it is best to use these colors as a starting point. Choosing accent colors for your coastal dining room is simple, as all you need to do is bring images of the coast into your mind. Use the colors that you would naturally see along the coast as your inspiration. Typical examples are shades of blue, green, gray, and yellow. Add these accents to your choice of soft furnishings and accessories.

2. Incorporate Some Patterns in Your Coastal-Themed Dining Room

While many people prefer to keep to a simple color palette and plain walls with this theme, you should try to incorporate a little pattern around the room. The best patterns for the coastal style are botanicals and florals, says Decorilla. Designs with palm leaves work particularly well with this interior design style. You can add some pattern on a feature wall or by choosing patterned fabrics for your soft furnishings.

3. Use Furniture Made from Natural Materials

Flooring America (https://www.flooringamerica.com/blog/what-is-coastal-interior-design-style) says that you should use furniture made from natural materials, such as light woods, rattan, or bamboo. A dining table that looks like a large piece of driftwood is a dramatic statement, while bamboo furniture is a simple option that is ideal for a smaller room. It is also possible to use white-painted wood with this style. You should also choose natural materials for your soft furnishings and accessories.

4. Have A Wood or Stone Floor

Due to the importance of using natural materials in this theme, the best flooring options are either stone or wood. As light is also important, it is also better to choose wood or stone in lighter shades. In addition to the aesthetic qualities of these materials, they are also a practical option for a dining room.

5. Add a Nautical Touch

Although a nautical style and a coastal style are two different interior design themes, they complement each other well, so you can incorporate some nautical elements into your coastal dining room. Some examples of nautical touches include the use of rope or the addition of boat-themed accessories. However, try not to overdo the nautical touches, as this will overwhelm the stunning simplicity of the coastal theme.

6. Hang Coastal-Themed Art

Photographs or paintings make the walls look more interesting and create focal points in the room. They can also contribute to the coastal look you are trying to create in your dining room. Therefore, you should hang either photographs or paintings that feature seascapes of other coastal themes in prominent positions around the room. If you have spent a lot of time in different coastal locations, display some of your favorite photographs from the places to which you have traveled.

7. Create a Sense of Brining the Outdoors-In

The outdoor lifestyle is a vital element of the coastal theme. One of the main aims is to connect the outdoors with the interior of your home, to reflect the lifestyle enjoyed by those who live in coastal areas. One of the simplest ways of achieving this is to add some plants to the dining room. If you have a large dining room, then you can use potted trees in the corners of the room, or consider a hanging basket with a trailing plant.

8. Add Some Coastal Decorations

Adding some coastal decorations to the dining room will complete the look, and you do not need to spend a fortune to display fantastic coastal decorations in your home. If you spend a few hours beachcombing, you may find the perfect treasures to display in your dining room, such as pieces of driftwood, pretty shells, and unusual rocks with patterns. If you are talented at crafts, you can create a piece of wall art using your beach treasures. Alternatively, display your finds in prominent positions around your dining room, such as on the shelves, the fireplace, or the dining table.

9. Make the Most of the Natural Light

House Beautiful stresses the importance of making the most of the natural light in your dining room if you choose a coastal interior design style. Ideally, your dining room will have large windows or a door leading out into the garden. These will flood the room with light. Even if you have small windows, you can still make the most of the light by not blocking the light into the room. Avoid hanging heavy drapes that will stop the light from flooding into the room. Instead, hang transparent drapes that allow the light through, or leave your windows naked.

10. Consider Horizontal Wall Paneling

As wood is such an important element of the coastal theme, you can even consider incorporating it into the walls. Horizontal wood paneling works well with this design style, as it gives the impression of beach huts and boardwalks. The paneling looks particularly good when painted white or in other light colors, as this brightens the room. There are many ways that you can use wood paneling, from covering a full feature wall to covering just the lower half of the walls around the entire room, then painting the upper half of the walls.

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