20 Awesome Beach Dining Room Designs for Inspiration

There’s nothing quite like the sights and sounds of the ocean, the smell of the salty air, and the warm ocean breeze to put you into a relaxed state of mind. If you love everything about coastal living, try incorporating some of the same elements into your own home to recreate the love of the ocean and sea life. Coastal living is a low-keyed, relaxed type of lifestyle and your home should reflect it in how you decorate it. One of the hardest rooms for many people to put together is the dining room. Dining rooms are often the room that is an afterthought when it comes to adding the perfect pieces of furniture, choosing a color palette, and making it that special room you want it to be for entertaining and having family gatherings. If you already have a coastal living home decor theme throughout your home, carrying this same theme into your living room is easy and you can create a beautiful coastal-designed living room that encompasses everything oceanic just by incorporating certain elements. We have some great tips to help you get started in designing a beautiful coastal living style dining room.

Color palette

Choosing a color palette is always a great place to start. You can base a lot of your furniture and accents off of the color scheme you choose. When you think of coastal living, you probably think of sea life. The colors that are most inspired by ocean life are natural, warm colors, like shades of gray and blue, pinks, brown hues, sea foam green, among other earthy, beachy tones. Whether you choose to paint all the walls in your dining room or create a focal wall that expresses a beachy look and feel, you will want to use this as your primary color to work with when choosing your secondary and accent colors for the rest of your room.


When it comes to choosing furniture pieces for your dining room, consider natural materials that remind you of an earthy, beachy look and feel. Wicker, rattan, glass, rope, natural woods, even weathered materials that add character, yet bring an element of easy-going and relaxation to the room, are often found in coastal living designs. Mixing and matching materials is one way to go, for instance, a wood or glass top table with rattan chairs is one way to mix things up.

Add accents

When most people think of the sea and maritime life, you probably have a lot of different visuals of what reminds you of the ocean and coastal living. You can bring just about anything that reminds you of a casual coastal living lifestyle into your dining room. Seashells, palm fronds, driftwood, sea glass, anchors, ship wheels, or anything you feel a connection to. Add coastal living accents to your room to create the look and feel of this beautiful style of living all around you.

You can create as casual or elegant of an atmosphere for your dining room, it all depends on your choice and style of furniture pieces and added accents, such as your lighting choices, flooring, and more. Coastal living design is fun and refreshing to work with and one of the most versatile types of decor. Have fun with the style and bring some of the most beautiful parts of nature, our sea life, into your own dining room to enjoy with friends and family every day.

For more inspiration, take a look at the following 20 awesome beach dining room designs for inspiration.

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