20 Interesting Dining Room Chair Cover Ideas

Your dining room is a special room in your home; the room where you display your best furniture and elegant decor and you reserve it for entertaining your friends and family on special occasions and holidays. You take pride in your dining furniture and you certainly want to preserve its integrity, and one way to help prevent those dreaded food stains on your chairs is by covering them with some stylish chair slip covers. While you may think slip covers will take away from the look of your beautiful dining set, they actually do the opposite. According Design You, if you choose the right covers for your chairs, dining set, and decor theme, you can really spice up your entire dining room and enhance the look and appeal of your dining room. Choosing the right slip covers requires taking a few things into consideration and here’s what those are:

Consider the style of your chairs

Because there are so many styles of chairs, you will be able to find a wide variety of slip covers to choose from that will fit the style of your chairs. Straight back, rounded back, or rectangular, chairs come in many styles and finding the perfect slip cover starts with your chair’s size, shape and style. Keep in mind that your two end-chairs may be Captain’s chairs and have arms, while the chairs sitting around the table may be armless, which may influence your choice of slip covers. You may choose to only cover the side chairs and leave the Captain’s chairs coverless, or as another option, you may find simple cushion covers that pair well with the side chair covers and intermingle your chair covering design ideas.

Your design style

Your own unique design and decor style will definitely play a role in the slip covers you choose. How formal or informal is your living room? What type of decor style is your living room staged in? Do you have a country chic style? Or maybe you an elegant rustic look, or maybe you’ve gone totally formal with a classic or traditional style of decor. HGTV has a lot of ideas for choosing a style of slip covers and suggest neutral and long-flowing slip covers for a cozy look to a shabby chic or rustic style dining room. Longer slip covers that reach the floor add a warmth and inviting appeal to these decor styles – they’re a classic casual look. For a more decorative look, choose shorter length slip covers that tie at the bottom ends for a stylish and decorative design. Neutral tones can can easily tie in with un-covered end, or Captain’s chairs and keep the flow of your design seamless.

Textures and patterns

Textures and patterns are always a fun way to add your personal style and taste to your decor theme. If you feel like your dining room lacks in spice and flare, here’s where you can incorporate a little to brighten and enhance your dining set. Choose slip covers that have a textured fiber or a pattern that will add a bit of eye-catching flare to your room. According to Homes Feed, you should choose covers with a pattern that reflects the color choices in your room or marries with your color scheme in a contrasting way. If your walls are brown, you can either choose covers with a similar shade or one that is a nice contrast to the brown, such as neutral tones mixed with earth yellows, or perhaps some black or red would be a nice contrast to the brown walls.

Add a table runner or pillow

Other ways to include your slip covers into your decor theme is to run a matching table runner down the center of your table to bring more of your chair’s colors and pattern are seen and accentuated in the room. For added texture to the room, a beautiful throw pillow can be placed on each chair to help add a different type of element to the theme. You can get a solid accent color for the pillows, or use patterned pillows that add more color and visual texture to the room.

Whether you are trying to spruce up your dining room and give it a totally new look or you have a set of old dining chairs that could use a new face, slip covers are not only functional, but they are a great way to give a whole new look to your special room without having to spend a lot of money. Another nice feature is that at any time you tire of one look, you can always interchange your slip covers and give your dining set yet another whole new look. Many people do this as a seasonal decor ritual and it definitely keeps things new and fresh.

If you ave been thinking about adding slip covers to your dining room chairs then take a look at the following 20 interesting dining room chair cover ideas and find your own inspiration.

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