20 Awesome Yellow Dining Room Ideas

Yellow Dining Room

Yellow is a bright, sunshiny color that makes most people feel cheery. But when it comes to using this brilliant color for home decor, it can be a bit intimidating, especially when you plan to use in a room as special as the dining room. Whether you love a bright, vibrant yellow, or you’re simply looking for something warm and sunny for your dining room, the choices are endless with the number of shades to choose from, and how you use the color in your dining room. With the color yellow, you can create a beautiful dining room that fits your style and decor choices, and will give your dining room the elegant and charming face lift you’re looking for, and here are a few ideas to get your creativity started.

Color the walls

For most people, the first place you go to when adding color to a room is the walls. And good thinking, because it can be the most dramatic change for the room. There are lots of ways you can add yellow to your walls. Light plays a big role in a yellow room, according to Decoist. Light creates the best ambiance for any shade of yellow. Of course, if natural light is limited, create your own layers of lighting around the room to give your yellow walls the best look. And don’t be afraid to use a bolder shade of yellow in a small dining room, because again, it’s the lighting that will make your yellow walls glow evenly.

Consider your ceiling painted yellow

If covering all your walls in yellow seems a bit overwhelming, another way to add yellow to your dining room without making your dining room feel saturated in the bright hue, is to paint your ceiling yellow for a unique and dramatic effect. You might choose to keep your walls white while painting your ceiling yellow, or use a darker, accent color on the walls, separating the two colors with a crisp, white trim. This unique, creative paint coordination will give your dining room a dramatic effect, especially if your dining room boasts a beautiful tray ceiling to work with. If you feel your ceiling needs something to tie it into the lower portion of the room, try placing a large area rug with the same shades of yellow of the ceiling, under your table.

Traditional color combos are still popular

If you aren’t one to take big color combination risks, then stick with traditional color combinations that are still popular in the decor world. For the longest, yellow has always been paired great with black and white, and gray and white. There are plenty of ways to put these color combinations together to outfit your dining room. Gray walls with yellow and white as accent colors can be used to create a rich and elegant look, or initiate a beautiful modern touch to your dining room, as seen on Decoratist.

Add pops of yellow

If the idea of too much yellow seems a little overkill, then tone it back a bit by incorporating yellow in smaller amounts.  Lushome suggests using yellow in your decor pieces to create smaller amounts of yellow, yet enough to transform your dining room into a brighter, sunnier dining experience. Some ways to add yellow are with a large area rug under your dining table, a large piece of wall art that coordinates the same hues, in beautiful window treatments, or a stunning table centerpiece. Don’t be afraid to use slightly lighter or brighter shades of yellow throughout the room, in a mix-and-match design effort. There are many shades of yellow that pair nicely together to brighten one area, and tone down another.

Light up your room

Yellow is one of those colors that likes light to show-off its full potential. Without light, many shades of yellow can appear dull or shadowy – a good tip to keep in mind when choosing your shade. For dining rooms with lots of natural light, let it all in to give your walls a n ice, even glow. Darker dining rooms need artificial lights for the same reason. A beautiful chandelier over your dining table is a centralized light, but don’t forget about darkened corners where the chandelier’s light might not reach. For these areas, a stunning floor lamp could brighten up the space, and of course, don’t forget about wall sconces. Wall sconces are a great choice of lighting for dining rooms. They not only create a softer ambiance while dining with your guests, but they’ll light up your charming yellow walls, beautifully.

If you’re thinking of giving your dining room a new look, and yellow is your color, then take a look at the next 20 pictures for some awesome yellow dining room ideas.

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