20 Original Dining Room Lighting Ideas For all Occasions

Lighting is one of those elements that serves multiple purposes in your home. First and foremost, of course it gives you light to see in the various rooms in your home. It also helps to create different ambiances for the different moods you want to set in each of your rooms. Lastly, some lighting fixtures can act as a focal point, which can enhance the look and appeal of a room, for instance, your dining room.

Dining rooms are a common room to find an overhead light fixture that illuminates your dining table while you eat. Chandeliers are the most common form of light fixture installed over a dining table, however, there are endless choices of light fixtures to choose from today. You’ll find lighting ideas are romantically chic, uniquely modern, as well as light fixtures that speak to you from a different era in their vintage design.

Choosing the right lighting/lighting fixture takes some thought and planning. In order to make the right statement, get the right amount of lighting for your room, and have it look visually appealing, there are a few things you will want to consider. Here are a few of them:

  • Size of the room – No matter what style of light you plan to buy, whether it be a unique, far-out modern design, a rustic style light fixture, or a traditional crystal chandelier, the size of the room will play a big role in which one you ultimately buy. Small dining rooms will look and feel overwhelming with too large of a light, while larger rooms can easily consume and swallow-up a light that is too small.
  • Size and shape of the table – The size and shape of your table will also need to be considered before settling on a particular light. Long rectangle tables can handle longer light fixtures, or multiple lights hanging from above, such as multiple or dual pendant lights, depending on how long the table is. There are lots of styles of lighting options that can accommodate the different sizes and shapes of tables, and finding one (or multiples) that is compatible to the size and shape of your table is one of the pertinent steps in order to keep the look and flow of the room in balance.
  • Style of your table and furniture – Lights can also either be in balance with, or out of balance with the style of your table and dining furniture pieces. For instance, a chunky style rustic table might look awkward with a small, delicate crystal ornamental light fixture above, instead, a chunky wrought iron fixture with candles or lampshades would be more fitting. And a modern style dining table and chairs would look more in-sync with lighting that fit the decor theme, such as a sputnik designed fixture or other innovative design that looks and feels as modernistic as your furniture.

Aside your dining table being used for entertaining, some families may use their dining table for more than that occasional special meal. Maybe your dining table also gets put to use for homework or crafting activities. Or perhaps the dining table is where you like to sit and pay bills. Whatever you types of tasks you use your dining table for, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best lighting for all that you need it for. Your light fixture should be able to supply enough lumens or watts to give you the amount of light you need no matter what activity, and/or mood you’re needing it for.

Since many light fixtures act as a focal point for a dining room, then make it the focal point by finding one that sets the tone and the mood for the room. Chandeliers can instantly tell you what type of style and personality you have when you first lay eyes on it, so if shabby chic is your style, let your light fixture(s) exemplify your love of the decor theme. On the other hand, if you are all about a minimalist lifestyle and your furniture showcases this brand of living, a simple single pendant might be the eye-catching light that serves as both a functional and artsy touch for your dining room.

Whatever the occasion, there is lighting that works for them all and we have some of the most beautiful examples of these ideas, so keep scrolling to see 20 original dining room lighting ideas for all occasions.

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