10 Essentials You Need for a Beautiful Teal Dining Room

When you are updating your home’s interior, choosing a color scheme is one of the most critical decisions, regardless of the design style you choose. A color that works well with many styles and is ideal for those who prefer bold colors is teal. Teal comes in various shades, from light to dark and with stronger blue impact or veering closer to green, says Architecture Lab. You can use this color with both traditional and contemporary styles, and you can use it as either the main color or as an accent to add pops of color in a neutral room. If teal is your chosen color, then here are 10 essentials for a beautiful teal dining room.

1. Adding Teal to the Walls

If teal is the main color scheme of your room, you should add this to at least some sections of the wall. In a large dining room, it is possible to use teal on all the walls. However, such a bold color can make a room feel dark and claustrophobic if the room is only small. Therefore, you may prefer to paint one wall teal or use wallpaper featuring teal on just one wall. If you have a room with an architectural feature, such as a fireplace, then this is often the best wall to use as a feature wall. It is also possible to leave the walls neutral and simply incorporate the teal in other ways, such as by adding artwork featuring teal.

2. Choosing the Dining Suite

One reason that teal is a good color choice for a dining room is that it works well with various styles. In turn, this gives you greater options when it comes to choosing a dining suite. Both glass and wood dining suites will work well with a teal theme, and which you choose depends on the look you are trying to create. For a modern teal dining room, choose either glass and metal or a pale wood dining suite. On the other hand, a dark wood dining suite also suits a teal room, and this is perfect if you want a traditional look.

3. Artwork Featuring Teal

Artwork can help to complete the look of any room, and positioning art in the right place will create interesting focal points around the room. If you have stuck to a neutral color scheme on the walls, then add artwork that has teal as the predominant color. In a dining room where teal is the predominant color of the walls or where you are hanging art on a teal feature wall, choose art that features a small amount of teal alongside other colors. Choose artwork that is proportionate to the size of the room, and hang it in an eye-catching and prominent position in the room.

4. Adding Teal to the Flooring

Carpet is not the best option for a dining room, as it is likely that you will spill food and drinks on the carpet over time. Instead, you should opt for flooring that is easy to wipe clean, and wood flooring is the ideal choice. However, it does not mean that you cannot incorporate teal into your dining room’s flooring. The simplest way to introduce teal to the floor is to have either a completely teal rug or one that features teal as one of the colors in the design.

5. Teal Glasswork

A fantastic way to add touches of teal around the room is to add teal glassware. Many well-known glassware companies create stunning teal glasswork, and there are both modern and antique pieces available. Try to position these in parts of the room that will catch the light to send shoots of teal-colored light across the room.

6. Soft Furnishings Featuring Teal

Your choice of soft furnishings can also contribute to creating a beautiful teal dining room, and there are multiple ways to add soft furnishings to the room to complete your teal theme. If you have opted for a traditional wood dining suite, consider using teal fabric on the upholstery. Similarly, you can use plain or patterned teal cushions on any seating in the room. If the windows of the room are against neutral walls, then you can hang teal curtains. On the other hand, if the walls are teal, opt for curtains in a different color or with a pattern featuring teal as an accent to another color.

7. Adding Contrasting Color Accents

There are many other colors that you can use in your dining room as a contrast to the teal. Teal works well with white, and this creates a stark contrast. Teal also looks fantastic against bold colors, such as bright pinks, purples, yellows, greens, and oranges, says House Tipster. Brighter colors work best in a dining room with a modern theme. Furthermore, any shade of gray works well alongside teal, and gray combined with teal is suitable for both modern and contemporary themes.

8. Incorporate Metals

Teal works well with metal accents, says Houzz. In a traditional room, gold, brass, or bronze accents are the best option. For rooms with a modern design, silver or chrome accents are ideal. You can incorporate metal accents in your choice of accessories, fixtures, and fittings.

9. An Interesting Centerpiece

The focal point in most dining rooms is the dining suite, and you make the furniture look more attractive by choosing an interesting centerpiece to your table that will draw the eye in that direction. A teal-colored vase filled with fresh flowers is an excellent choice. Another option is candlesticks, as these will also incorporate metal accents in the room.

10. Teal Tableware

A further way you can include teal into your dining room’s interior design is to add teal tableware. The simplest way to do this is to layout teal table mats. If you are the sort of person who keeps their table dressed all the time, then you can also add teal plates and napkins to the table.

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