10 Gorgeous Dining Room Colors Trending in 2019

Dining rooms are those special places where you love to spend quality meal time having a special dinner with your family, or perhaps a dinner party with friends. Holiday meals are often spent eating around a beautiful dining table, surrounded by some of your most prized and precious decor items. If you have a formal dining area in your home, decorating it to stand out from other rooms in your home is probably something you dream of and most often, decorating a dining room starts with choosing a beautiful wall color to get the theme started. Choosing a wall color for any room in your home can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Do you want soft, warm and neutral colors? Or do you go bold and rich? A lot of your decision can be weighed against your style in home decor, your style of furniture, and even the size of the room can play a substantial role in your color choice. If you like keeping up with the times and choosing decor elements, like wall paint, according to what’s trending now, we have some of the most popular dining room colors that are being used right now. Keep scrolling down to see 10 gorgeous dining room colors trending in 2019.

1. Teal

Well, it’s not green and it’s not blue – it’s teal, and it’s one of the most popular colors for dining rooms this year. You can create a fun and inviting atmosphere when you use this bold color to your dining room walls. The vibrancy of teal will brighten your dining experience and you can really make your walls pop by adding more neutral tones throughout the room, like creams and shades of brown. You’ll sense the earthiness all around you with teal as your primary backdrop color.

2. Garden Green

Garden green is fun and vibrant and without any extra help, the shade alone can bring the feeling of the outdoors, in. Garden green is a trending color for dining rooms this year and there’s no wonder why. It evokes the natural feeling of eating goodness in a bright and cheery atmosphere. Paired with white and colorful patterns, garden green will spruce up any boring dining room and make every meal an enjoyable experience.

3. Wine

Nothing says rich and elegant like a deep red wine color on your wall. Wine is the perfect dining room color if you want to take your decor up a notch from just casual dining to elegant and sophisticated. Wine tones on the wall look amazing when you hang a stunning crystal chandelier above your dining table, which you can see above. Mirrors and glass accents are also great to pair with this beautiful shade of red.

4. Steel Blue

Steel blue is one of those colors that leaves you wondering, is it blue or is it gray? It may look like a bold color, but when you add accents of white and rich burgundy’s, it softens the richness of the darker walls. Steel blue practically begs for brass accents, so don’t forget to throw some brass elements around the room, perhaps a set of sconces on the wall, or a beautiful brass chandelier over your dining table to bring out the best of both the steel, and the blue hues on your walls.

5. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is a rich and warming color that pairs well with white, blue, silver, black, shades of brown, a variety of green hues, and many other colors in the spectrum. You’ll love the way a little mustard on the walls turns your dining room into a warm and welcoming room, and practically beckons a candlelit dinner around your beautiful dining table.

6. Forrest Green

There’s something about a deep, dark green, like Forrest green, that just screams “vintage!” It is a color that has been used throughout the years in a lot of different styles of decorating and it continues to be a very popular color choice. Dining rooms that boast a Forrest green theme are fun to work with when it comes to adding all the extras. Adding black, rich yellows, and gold as accent colors are just a few of the many options that work well with this deep, forestry shade of green. You’ll feel like you’re getting back to nature every time you step into your dining room.

7. Vibrant Yellow

Vibrant is right. This bright and cheery shade of yellow will open up any dining room, especially smaller dining rooms that need the help of a little visual square footage. Black is a favorite accent color that will really make your yellow pop, and for accent colors, oranges, reds and rich gold tones are all ways you can enhance the vibrancy of this yellow hue.

8. Warm Cream

There’s nothing more elegant that a warm cream dining room. Cream colors all around you are warm and inviting and give you the feeling you just stepped into an exquisite dining experience. You can mix different hues of cream tones throughout your dining room to really raise the bar on elegance and keep it bright and airy. Warm cream makes your dining room, oh-so-chic, which is why it is one of the most popular colors for dining rooms trending in 2019.

9. Mauve

Mauve is a warm and inviting color that can have a relaxed, yet elegant edge about it, making it a great color for a dining room, especially large rooms that need a little visual reduction for a cozier appeal. Mauve is the perfect in-between color; it’s not too gray and not too violet, so you can use both colors as accent colors, or incorporate rich browns, black, or other deep toned colors to accentuate that smoothness of the shade.

10. Bold Blue

Blue is one of those colors that can inject a number of different moods into a room, and a lot has to do with the type of room you are using the blue and the type of elements that you pair with the color. Bold blue is one of those shades that can be casual or elegant depending on how you use it, so dress it up or dress it down for your style of decor in your dining room. Light oak furniture pieces bring the relaxed mood out in the color, while darker woods can help dress it up and bring an elegant feeling in the room.

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