20 Romantic Style Dining Room Ideas

There is nothing like a romantic dinner for two, or three, or four or more. A romantic dining room can really add a sense of charm to your meal and make your feel like you are dining out in a romantic restaurant, yet you never have to leave home. If romance is in the air in your home, why not create a special, romantic dining room where you can eat every night, or save it for special dinner guests to enjoy with you.

Romantic décor is often viewed as elegant and luxurious, with stylish textures and colors, and it can be created using any style of décor, from modern to contemporary, rustic, country, shabby chi, and any other décor style. If you love the notion of a romantic style dining room, you can design your dining room

Choosing your color palette

There are many colors associated with romance, with pink, purple hues, soft tones of green, gray, and shades of blue being popular choices. And then of course, the most popular color associated with romance being, red. Depending on your taste, you will want to choose a color palette that makes you feel romantic when you step in the room.

A more lively romantic look might fall in the line of different shades of pink, while a more rich romantic look can be pulled off using deep blues and rich purples. Pairing your primary color choice with soft creamy tones or white throughout the room can add to the elegant look and feel of the space. Rich opulent colors on the wall can cozy-up an otherwise, chilly room and make it feel quaint and extra romantic.

Create a romantic dining room table 

Your dining table should be the focal point of your room. You can set your dining room table so that it sets the mood for the room, displaying your beautiful dish set, a romantic table centerpiece, candles, or beautifully patterned table runner. Be creative with your dining table and design an eye-catching, romantic table that will put anyone in the mood for romance.

Choosing a chandelier

Depending on your style, your chandelier should match the rest of your room’s furniture and overall style. It would look awkward to have a very modern light fixture hanging over a French style table or country style table, so start with your room’s décor theme when considering lighting.

Choose a chandelier that is a size scaled to both your room size and table size, but also consider the amount of light it puts out. You will want to consider the functionality of your lighting choice and look for one that gives you enough light for dining, yet not so bright it sets off a glare that feels overwhelming, and distracts from a more romantic style room, and mood.

For more romantically inspired dining rooms, take a look at the following 20 romantic style dining rooms to help you design your own.

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