20 Beautiful Mezzanine Living Room Ideas

Mezzanine is a design technique that allows you to use upward space in a room, as opposed to outward. When your living room is graced with high ceilings, you can add to your space and create levels, and/or platform living space, rather than having to extend square footage out from the main living quarters, which is not always available to do. This is considered a more modern type of design in a home and has a very contemporary look and feel. It’s open. It’s spacious.

And it can really work well in a loft-style home or apartment. When you have limited living space, use the height and airy square footage of your cathedral ceilings to create more room for living. If you are living in a home with high ceilings and wondering what to do with all that wasted space, why not consider a Mezzanine-style theme and turn that unused vertical space into something more than just wasted space. Here are a few tips in what you can do with all that vertical air and a Mezzanine look.

Office loft

So many people work from home these days, and even if you don’t, but would love to have an office to work on your bills, or use your computer out of the way of daily activity, you can create a quaint office space out of your upper platform. Utilize the space to put in unique shelving units, a desk for your computer and printer, or whatever else you have in the way of office equipment, and set up a phone line. You will enjoy being able to keep an eye on the kids playing or watching TV below you in the living room, yet still have the privacy you want and need, out of the way of the main living quarters.

Extra bedroom

If you have always an extra bedroom for one of your kids, guests, or just to have for whatever may come up, you can use your upper room space to create a cozy little bedroom for…whatever you need it for. For a little extra privacy upstairs, try setting up a partial wall, or a separator to corner off the area when someone is using the room and to help block out noises below in the living room.

Play room

Every kid would love to have their own space they can go to, to play and have fun with their toys, that’s all theirs. Why not create a fun, kids’ play area out of your upper space. You can have fun decorating the area to suit your kids’ favorite colors or favorite hero, or anything. Make it a place they love to go to, to have fun without having to worry about being underfoot. And you will enjoy being able to see them upstairs, all the way from the living room. It’s the perfect solution for small homes with high ceilings and families that have kids.


Do you have a lot of books and running out of space to store them? Why not use that unused space to create your own library where you can design bookshelves to fit the area and get them out of the boxes, or off those cluttered shelves. When you want to get away and read for a bit, have a couple cozy chairs upstairs with the books so that you can sit and relax, away from the rest of the house, and get some quality reading time in, and your books will be better kept when they’re not crammed in spaces where there isn’t enough room for them.

If you want some more inspiration for a Mezzanine living room, take a look at the following beautiful Mezzanine living room ideas to get you excited about your Mezzanine idea.

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