20 Gorgeous Country Style Living Room Ideas

Country living is all about comfort and relaxed. It is not a pretentious way of life, but true and classic as it has always been. Many people love the traditional type of country style for their home, whether they truly live in the country, or own a home in a big city. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can bring the look, feel and style of classic country living into your home if this is the style you love.

One of the most common rooms to see in a country-style theme is the living room. It’s warm, cozy, welcoming and it’s an easy look to create. When you “go country” in your décor, you have endless options on what you can do and use to get the country look and style. It’s all about having fun with patterns, colors and furniture pieces.

There isn’t a whole lot to it, and all it takes is some creativity and imagination to get the ball rolling on turning your living room into a down-home country room. If you need some tips and ideas on how to transform your room into a more casual, southern charmer, then read-on and start planning your transformation.

Color pallets

Color choices for country style living are typically soft tones, yet noticed. Whites, bones, blues, greens and yellows are all traditionally used in country living rooms. Rustic reds can be a part of the scheme as well, when used in the right combinations. Natural colors are indicative of country color pallets, although you shouldn’t be afraid to use a modern punch of color, just to add a personal touch if that is what you prefer.

Furniture pieces

When most people think of country style furniture, they think of handcrafted pieces, maybe a chunky wooden coffee table with thick carved legs, mixed with small side tables. Light oaks and white washed furniture pieces are traditional colors for furniture in a country style home. Rustic pine wood pieces keep the room in a casual and comfortable mood. And fabrics should be warm tones; beiges, browns, or splashes of floral or stripes can also be added for a playful look to break-up the neutrals.

Walls and floors

Flooring in a traditional country style living room is often oak flooring or pine, and add a large area rug to create a center for the furniture and bring the room together. If you want to really get country or cottage, planks walls or stone can give your room a more cozy, country cabin appeal.


Add some real country charm with a cabinet piece where you display country and vintage wares and decorative pieces. Hang lantern sconces on the walls or hang a rustic, decorative chandelier for a lighting focal point.

The idea of country style living is to bring the natural and comfortable style of life into your home. For more country style living room ideas, take a look at these 20  gorgeous country style living room ideas to get inspired.

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