Is There Such A Thing As A Stylish Messy Living Room?

Most critics will point out that a messy living room that is not properly organized is nearing the stage of becoming an eyesore. Some homes remain in a perpetual state of disarray and the appearance of messiness, but is there any such thing as a stylish messy living room? Most experts on home decor will offer you solutions to lose the messy look and may argue that a mess is not stylish. Surprisingly, the answer to this question is yes, a messy den can in fact be stylish, but only under certain conditions. There is actually a trend in home decor that leans towards messy styling. Here is a full explanation of what we mean when we say that you can have a stylish messy living room.

What is a “messy” living room design

When it comes to home design, the messy aesthetic is the lived in look that shows that real people live in a home. It’s not the look of keeping everything in its place at all times, but it is stylish. There is a difference between messy and dirty. When we stop to consider the elements of what it means to observe humans in their natural state, for some, it means that the highly stylish bedding on their beautiful bed may not be made. The covers may be slightly pulled back. It’s still stylish, but it’s not what some would consider to be an ideally made bed with the covers all neatly tucked and all of the wrinkles of the fabric smoothed. It’s a casual style that is closer to how most people really live than when you’re putting your best foot forward for company.

It shows the human touch

Although a neatly organized home that features impeccable decor elements is the standard that was set at some point in the distant past, the lived in look is what is trending recently. There are quite a few designers who are getting on board with the messy look. Some recommend making a few intentional changes to give their homes a lived in look. Placing collectibles or knickknacks on shelves, using textured fabrics with throw pillows on the floors, blankets placed over chairs that are unfolded, and similar strategies can give your home that messy look without taking it over the top to create an uncomfortable space. To fully grasp the concept of the trend in messy living room decor, think about it in terms of having a stylish decor, tasteful items that are unique to your personal preferences and that tell your story, and leave them in a place where you might otherwise enjoy seeing the piece without concern for what visitors might think about the arrangement. It’s about adopting a casual approach to styling.

The small things are what count in messy stylish decorating

One of the most prized aesthetics these days is the slightly messy and eclectic look in a living room. According to the editor in chief of Cabana Magazine, it’s important to start combining new decor elements with old ones. For example, a piece that you find at an estate sale or purchase through an action that has unique features that tell others a little bit about the things you find interesting can serve as an interesting focal point in th home. She further recommends layering colors, objects, and themes with the things that tell the story of your life. It’s okay to develop a quirky appearance if it’s something that reveals your personal tastes. It’s about using home decor in a stylish manner to achieve the look of showcasing who you are as a person through the small and large details of the items that are used in decorating the living room. It’s referred to as “involuntary art” when you achieve such a unique look.

The ideal new trend for families with kids

If you have your heart set on maintaining a stylish decor in your living room, but you have children in the home, then the new trend in messy yet stylish living rooms is the perfect situation for you. It’s difficult to maintain perfect organization when there are children in the house. They often leave their belongings lying around. If you have infants, it’s a process to train them to put their things away. If you have babies then it’s almost a guarantee that at least some of the items that you need to properly feed and care for your child are going to be lying around in the front room. The trend in messy decor is one that you can fit easily into your lifestyle.


It’s not only okay to have a stylish living room decor with a slight messiness thrown in, it’s the new rage. You’re very much in vogue when guests see a few personal items around the living room, and a few accessories that are not exactly neatly organized. You fit into the crowd of stylish yet messy enthusiasts that think this new look shows that we’re human and that there is no need to attempt to be perfect by keeping everything in an organized and picture perfect order. Show your unique human side and display a few unique focal points that might seem to be out of the ordinary with your current decorating scheme. Don’t be afraid to leave a few items a bit askew. Even if you don’t have kids in the house, you can enjoy a little more freedom to be yourself and press who you really are as a person. In an age when we’re realizing that it’s okay to drop pretenses, at least some homeowners will be relieved to hear that their everyday way of life is supported by some of the most revered home interior decorators in the country. It’s been confirmed that your living room can be messy and still be stylish.

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