20 Curtain Ideas for Your Luxurious Living Room

Your living room is most visited room in the home, with hours spent relaxing, whether watching TV, reading, visiting with friends and family, or just lounging on the couch for a few peaceful minutes. You want your living room to be functional, of course, but when you have a luxurious surrounding, it can make the room feel much more warm and welcoming. Because it’s the room that draws people together, you want it to be a room that everyone feels at home in and wants to be. When a living room is cold, boring and uninviting, it can have the opposite effect and leave you feeling unsettled when you’re in the room. Curtains are one element in a decorating theme that can complete a room. They showcase windows, and add a sense of warmth and can be great focal points in a room. Luxurious curtains for your living room can also add style and richness to the room. If you are considering adding new luxurious curtains to your living room windows but need a few ideas on how to choose the perfect ones, keep reading. We have a few tips and things to consider to help you choose the right ones.


How functional do you need your curtains to be? Fabric is an important factor for functionality of curtains. The fabric can either be too light or too heavy for what you want your curtains to do. If the material is too heavy, the curtains may not fold with a crispness when you pull them closed, and too light of a fabric, the curtains may not hang , or fall the way you’d like for them to. You should test different fabrics, preferably using at least 2 yards, and hold them up to window from the top of the fabric in an accordion position to see how they fall. If the fabric falls into a flared arrangement at the bottom, this will tell you that the fabric will not fall well when made into curtains.


Because this is a fabric that will be hanging next to windows, the first thing yo should consider is the amount of sunlight that comes in the window and will be shining on the fabric. Fabrics fade and bright colors fade the fastest as opposed to darker, richer colors. If the window(s) have high sunlight, you may want to avoid bright colors to avoid quick discoloration and fading of the material. For an added touch of luxury to your living room, try using dark rich colors, such as golds, burgundy, taupe, chocolates deep purples.

Fabrics that work best as curtains and draperies

If you have a luxurious living room that needs curtains to accent your windows and complete your room, try sticking with curtains made of one of these fabrics: silk, faux silk, linen, and velvet. They are fabrics that hang the best. However, if you need a material to help hold in heat to warm a chilly room, velvet, suede, tapestry, or tweed are your best choices. Lighter fabrics help keep a room cooler since they do not hold heat. These are better for windows where high amounts of light stream in and create warmer conditions around windows and in a smaller living room.

If you need ideas on luxurious window treatments, take a look at the following 20 curtain ideas for your luxurious living room.

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