20 Modern Style Bedroom Ideas

Modern design is very popular décor style, and especially among the younger generation. It is a neat, clean, and minimal style of décor that uses geometric shapes as an overall décor mode. At the end of a day, you want to retreat to your bedroom and relax, rejuvenate and feel at peace. Did you know how your bedroom is decorated can play a large role in how relaxed you feel in your room and even how well you sleep at night?

If your bedroom décor is not welcoming, soothing, in disarray, or your room suffers with over crowdedness and clutter, it can have an opposite effect on you. Modern design is all about, ‘less is more.’ It is the use of straight, clean lines, clutter-free surfaces and warm materials. If you like the idea and look of a modern bedroom, use the following tips to get you on the way to a new design.

1. Only pieces that serve a purpose

Modern design is one that is understated, yet bold. Everything in the room should serve a purpose, including the art. Modernists believed that functionality is key, therefore, by keeping useless, space hogging furniture and décor accessories, you reduce clutter. In your bedroom, the bed should be the main piece of furniture, which many people use as their focal point. A lone chair, a simple side table (one that can be used for hidden storage space, as well, if you choose), and a simple dresser or armoire. Adding several pieces of furniture to a bedroom can overcrowd the room and create a cluttered feeling, which breaks the peace of mind that modernism tries to enhance.

2. Light and airy

Modern décor embraces light and openness. If you have access to natural light in your bedroom, let it in. Remove heavy draperies and use light, airy window treatments, a valance, or even use no draperies at all. Light, natural tones in the room increase the look and feel of light and airiness, as well as a modern style hanging chandelier, or modern-style wall sconces. A single side table lamp can be set next to the bed, but avoid too many lamps in the room, whether floor or table top lamps.

3. Colors

The tone of a modern room is neutral but can have bursts of bold colors mixed in. Neutral tones include, browns, tans, whites, black, but stay away from vivid or pastel colors. There are some combination colors that are seen in modern décor, such as black and white, red and white, purple and white, even brown and white. White is a great contrast color to use opposite a bright color choice.

4. Abstract art

The use of art in a modern bedroom should be as the room, simple, not busy. Abstract pieces of wall hanging art are a popular choice in a modern-style room. A simple artsy piece on the night table or dresser is another way of displaying art, however, don’t set out too many art or décor accessories around the room, and remember, knick knacks a re not considered art and will clutter surfaces, so keep them out of sight if you are transforming from one décor style to the modern look.

Have fun with your modern bedroom design. If you are still learning about modern décor and need more ideas on how to transform your room into a modern, nighttime haven, take a look at the following 20 modern style bedroom ideas for more inspiration.

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