10 Essentials You Need for a Space Themed Bedroom

What kid wouldn’t love a space themed bedroom? If you’ve got a wannabe astronaut in the family, get in their good books by taking a crash course in space decor. As well as encouraging their passion, you’ll probably have a lot of fun in the process. Decorating an adult’s bedroom is all very well, but having to stick to the ‘Good Taste’ rule book can be a bit confining. When you decorate a kid’s room, on the other hand, you can really let your imagination run riot. Whether you re-create the night sky on the ceiling with some stick-on stars, paint the planets on the wall, or turn their bunk bed into a space ship, there’s no end of ways you can let your creativity shine. If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out these top ten essentials for a space themed bedroom.

1. A Home Planetarium

Recreate the galaxy with the help of a home planetarium. There’s no end of options available, ranging from the budget-friendly to the not-so-budget-friendly. Some are fairly basic, while others will make your jaw drop with their complexity and detail. Most will come with a range of projection discs to vary up the illumination. Just be aware that once you install one in your kid’s bedroom, there’s a good chance you’ll never see them out of it again.

2. A Telescope

If you want a space themed bedroom, you’re going to want a telescope. It doesn’t have to come with all the bells and whistles of a professional set – providing it looks like a telescope and acts like a telescope, your kid will be just as pleased with a basic budget buy as they would anything else. You could even try scouring the second-hand markets for a vintage piece – not only will it cost a sight less than a new telescope, it’ll also add a nice whack of retro appeal.

3. A Loft Bed

No Buzz Aldrin in training wants to sleep on the ground, not when they could be up among the stars, anyway. A loft bed will feed into your kid’s fantasy and make bed-time a whole lot easier than it would be otherwise. Take advantage of the bed’s lofty position by decorating the ceiling directly above where they sleep with some glow in the dark stars – perfect if your little astronaut hasn’t quite got over their fear of the dark yet.

4. A Moon Lamp

Every room needs a light of some sort, but a space themed bedroom calls for a very particular kind. Forget boring lampshades and plump for something with a bit more pizzazz. Something, in fact, like the DTOETKD Moon Lamp. Created in the image of a 3D moon, it comes with 16 different colors that can be set to flash, fade, or solid. Brightness can be altered at the flick of a remote, as can the color. With a choice of four size options, it’ll add a touch of magic to any room.

5. A Constellation Wall

If you need a bit of a push to get started on your own space themed bedroom, head to younghouselove.com. The writers have really gone to town with the theme in their child’s bedroom, with some spectacular results. Star of the show (and a must for your own creation) is the constellation wall. All you need to re-create the look yourself are some Sharpie pens, a yard stick, and just a tiny drop of artistic talent.

6. A Curtain Light

A space themed bedroom benefits from as many different light sources as you can fit in. We’ve already seen the moon lamp, but another option you definitely want to consider is a curtain light. As homedecorbliss.com notes, a curtain light will make a room look instantly warm and inviting, not to mention fit in perfectly with the space theme. If you’re happy to blow the budget, look for one that lets you flick between modes to set the color and brightness – your kid will have endless fun in creating their own little light show.

7. Solar System Wallpaper

Wall murals can look lovely, but what do you do if you’ve not been blessed with an ounce of artistic talent? Short of handing over the paintbrush to your kid, you could always take nordarchitecture.com’s advice and invest in a solar system wallpaper. Be brave and plaster it floor to ceiling on all four walls. As well as helping to tie the room together, it’ll instantly transform the most boring bedroom into a spacey spectacular.

8. A Tin of Blue Paint

Creating a space themed bedroom without a tin or two of dark blue paint is impossible. Whether you splash it on the walls, the ceiling, or the furniture, you’re going to want there to be a lot of midnight blue around the place. If you really want to go to town with the theme, you could even try pulling up the carpet and giving the floorboards a lick of paint. It might get a little cold on the feet, of course, but the addition of a few rugs should soon put things right. Taking about rugs….

9. A Moon Rug

You’ve met the moon lamp, now say hello to the moon rug. In fairness, it’s less of a ‘moon’ rug and more of a round mat, but as the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Pop a round rug with a graduated color scheme and a few shaded sections onto the floor, and soon enough, your child’s imagination will do the rest.

10. Vinyl Decals

How parents decorated their kid’s bedrooms before the introduction of vinyl decals, lord knows. But fortunately, they’re here now and we don’t have to worry. Whether you want to recreate the entire universe on the walls or just brighten up the ceiling with a few stars, vinyl decals are the way to go. Available in a vast selection of colors, styles, patterns, and types, you’ll have no problem in finding what you need. Best of all, they’re cheap, easy to apply, and when your kid decides they’ve had enough of being an astronaut and want to be a doctor instead, they’ll rip off in seconds.

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