20 Awesome Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Bedroom Ceilings

If you believe real estate agents, the bedroom isn’t the most important room in your home. Trulia and other real estate-focused sources are very consistent about the kitchen and the bathroom being the two most important rooms. Still, the bedroom isn’t far behind because it occupies the number three position.

That makes sense because you can live without a bedroom, though you would not enjoy the experience. Despite that, your bedroom is the single most-used room in your home because we spend so much of our lives sleeping, thus making its importance obvious.

Good decorating can make even the best space that much more pleasant. That should extend to even places that receive less attention such as your bedroom ceiling.

Bedroom Ceilings

1. Consider a Custom Printed Ceiling

A custom print is one of the easiest ways to make a ceiling memorable. Better still, you have infinite options for the look of your ceiling. Due to that, you can get something perfect rather than settle for something good enough.

As for what you should choose, different people like different things. For example, some people will choose a nature theme, which can mean everything from birds to flowers. In contrast, other people might choose the sky, which can be quite different depending on whether it is daytime or nighttime.

Bedroom Ceilings

2. Consider a High-Gloss Ceiling

Litecraft says good lighting can make a space seem more spacious than otherwise possible. Installing more lighting is the obvious solution for making a room brighter. However, you can get good results by installing elements that make the room light up.

Mirrors are the classic example, but mirrored ceilings might be too much. If so, you should know you can also get good results from a high-gloss ceiling.

Bedroom Ceilings

3. Consider a Tile Ceiling

Speaking of which, it is easy to get a high-gloss ceiling by installing a tile ceiling. Of course, tile ceilings have more upsides than just that. For starters, they are extremely versatile because there is such a wide range of tiles.

Furthermore, tile ceilings offer excellent insulation and excellent soundproofing while remaining on the cheaper end of things. On top of this, they are easy to replace, not least because they are easy to install.

Bedroom Ceilings

4. Consider a Multi-Colored Tile Ceiling

Versatility means tile ceilings don’t need to be a stark-looking expanse of white. If you think that looks boring, you should consider a multi-colored tile ceiling instead.

An asymmetrical arrangement of multi-colored tiles can be surprisingly pleasing if you have a taste for chaos. Alternatively, if you prefer something more orderly, there is always the option of arranging multi-colored tiles into neat patterns.

Bedroom Ceilings

5. Consider a Tin Ceiling

Metal isn’t the first ceiling material that comes to mind for most people. Still, you shouldn’t dismiss tin ceilings and their counterparts just because they are on the rarer end of things. Generally speaking, metal ceilings are strong and tough, so much so that they are known to outlast the buildings they are installed in.

Tin ceilings are particularly good for emulating the look of older homes because Bob Vila says they were popular in the United States from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

Bedroom Ceilings

6. Consider a Wallpapered Ceiling

Wallpaper is a surprisingly good choice for ceilings. That is particularly true if you don’t want to make your ceiling too fancy because your walls are already heavily-decorated. Of course, wallpaper is also great for adding a touch of excitement to your ceiling because its versatility is one of its two great advantages.

The other would be its cheap cost. Putting up wallpaper on a ceiling is a bit more expensive than putting up wallpaper on walls because of the extra labor costs. Even then, it is inexpensive compared to most other options.

Bedroom Ceilings

7. Consider a Wooden Ceiling

Most people want their bedrooms to seem warm and welcoming. Simple Showing states that wood is a wonderful material for this purpose. It encourages people to settle in.

Better still, wood is a remarkably compatible material in the sense it works well just about everywhere with just about anything. Ceilings are no exception to this rule.

Bedroom Ceilings

8. Exposed Ceilings Are Eye-Catching

Exposed ceilings are becoming more and more popular in homes. Mr. Handyman points out they have several upsides. For example, exposed ceilings give rooms more character.

Similarly, exposed ceilings make rooms seem more spacious. On top of this, if you live in a hot climate, an exposed ceiling makes your bedroom cooler because the hot air can rise further up.

Bedroom Ceilings

9. Exposed Ceilings Are Good For Establishing a Style

On a related note, exposed ceilings can contribute much to your bedroom’s style. For instance, if you want a more natural look, you can’t make a stronger impression than by baring the wooden beams of your bedroom ceiling to the world.

In contrast, if you prefer something more industrial, exposed ducts will be a much better choice for your overall plan.

Bedroom Ceilings

10. Exposed Elements Can Be Highlighted Using Bold Colors

Exposed elements tend to stand out. Still, if you want them to make an even bigger impression, you can use bold colors to highlight them. That doesn’t necessarily mean painting exposed elements in the brightest colors you can find.

Instead, consider painting the spaces between exposed elements to make the latter stand out through contrast. Oftentimes, an indirect approach can work as well or even better than the alternatives.

Bedroom Ceilings

11. Give a White Ceiling a Patterned Look

If you think a stark-looking expanse of white is boring, you have plenty of options for fixing it. Giving it a new coat of paint is one potential solution. However, it won’t work very well if you are more unenthused by the thought of a mono-colored bedroom ceiling than anything else.

Instead, if you are willing to put some extra effort into it, you should consider giving your bedroom ceiling a colored pattern to go along with the white background. It doesn’t need to be particularly complicated. Even something as simple as stripes can work surprisingly well.

Bedroom Ceilings

12. Give a White Ceiling a Splash of Color

Once upon a time, art had to be perfect. Nowadays, we crack jokes about the quality of modern art. Despite that, the fact is we are much more open to the idea of chaotic-looking but still interesting splashes of color upon white backgrounds.

That extends to bedroom ceilings. With that said, this doesn’t mean you can just go about splashing color on your bedroom ceiling with no consideration for what the result will look like.

After all, you will regret it if it turns out poorly. Instead, think about what you would like before planning how you can bring it about. If necessary, call in a professional to ensure the right results because seemingly random works often aren’t.

Bedroom Ceilings

13. Give a White Ceiling Extra Details

Another option would be giving your white bedroom ceiling extra detailing. Your goal is to make it look good. Giving it color is one way to do so. If you don’t want to do that, consider giving it extra details to work towards the same goal from a different angle. Paneling is one option, but it is far from being the only option for interested individuals.

Bedroom Ceilings

14. Give Classical Designs a Coat of Paint

Early modern Europe went through a period of classical emulation. The funny thing is that it emulated the remnants of classical civilization, which didn’t stay the same over the centuries.

The New Yorker points out classical civilization often painted its works, meaning a lot of them were quite colorful. As a result, if you like classical designs but find them too mono-colored, you should give them a coat of paint. It is an unconventional choice that works well. Moreover, you can make a strong argument that you are being authentic to their ultimate source of inspiration.

Bedroom Ceilings

15. Make It Contrast the Rest of the Bedroom

You should always consider the rest of your bedroom when you are decorating your bedroom ceiling. Using contrasting colors is a very popular option. Yes, it can create an eye-searing mess if you overdo things.

Still, if you are willing to exercise a bit of restraint, you can use contrasting colors to make the mind focus on the differences. Effectively, that means highlighting everything for a stronger impression than otherwise possible.

Bedroom Ceilings

16. Make It Complement the Rest of the Bedroom

The opposite approach would make choosing complimentary colors for your bedroom ceiling. This is the less exciting option, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in a place for rest.

Of course, choosing a complementary color scheme doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of pairings that work harmoniously while still boasting more than enough visual interest.

Bedroom Ceilings

17. Tray Ceilings Are Eye-Catching

Tray ceilings received their names because their central recesses make them look like trays. They are striking sights because they come with built-in visual interest. If you want to, you can add to that through color, details, and lighting.

It is interesting to note that tray ceilings are similar to coffered ceilings. The difference is tray ceilings have a single recess, whereas coffered ceilings have multiple recesses arranged in a grid.

Bedroom Ceilings

18. Tray Ceilings Are Great For Centerpiece Designs

Some people prefer a more subdued look for their tray ceiling. After all, it comes with plenty of built-in visual interest, meaning it can be perfectly fine without further ornamentation.

In contrast, other people will want something flashier, which is why they should think about getting a centerpiece design for their tray ceiling. Simply put, a tray ceiling comes with a central recess, which is effectively a central space everything else revolves around.

On top of this, the central space is further emphasized because of the 3D nature of a tray ceiling’s layering, thus drawing even more attention. If you have some kind of design that you want to stand out on your bedroom ceiling, this is one of the most effective if not necessarily the most effective way for you to ensure it.

Bedroom Ceilings

19. Use Crown Molding

Crown molding is a great way to add more details to a room. Traditionally, it exists at the places where the walls meet the ceiling. That provides a sort of frame, which makes for a subtle but surprisingly appealing look. With that said, you can use crown molding in more places and more elaborate ways, meaning it is a powerful tool for ornamentation.

Bedroom Ceilings

20. Put Up Hanging Plants

Hanging plants from the ceiling can make your bedroom more pleasant than otherwise possible. You might have heard that it is a bad idea to put plants in your bedroom. However, you should know that is based on an incorrect notion. It is true that plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide during the night.

Our House Plant states they don’t do so in enough quantities to affect humans. Instead, you should be more concerned about accidentally bumping into your hanging plants because you have positioned them poorly. Regardless, if you choose to hang plants from your bedroom ceiling, you can expect several major benefits.

First, people have a natural fondness for plants, so much so it has been proven to speed up people’s healing and help out in other ways. Second, plants are an easy way to add some visual interest to a room, particularly if you go for some of the more colorful options out there. Third, hanging plants are an effective way to utilize your bedroom’s vertical space, thus enabling you to squeeze more utility out of it.

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