20 Beautiful Living Room Designs with High Ceilings

Your home may be blessed with some pretty exceptional characteristics, like high ceilings in the living room, and if that’s what you have to work with, you will want to make the most of all that space.

While some may shun away from the added vertical space and try to avoid utilizing decorative modes to make it a part of the rest of the room, but this is a mistake that will make the room look and feel off-balanced.

Ignoring the height of the ceilings and not taking advantage of the vertical space on the walls and in the room will not do your room any favors.

There are plenty of things you can do to help create a beautiful cohesiveness to your room by making the upper portion of your room look and feel like it is a part of the lower, eye-level portion of the room just by doing some simple decorative tricks.

Keep reading to learn what you can do to meld your vertical space in a living room with high ceilings, with the lower, human-level space in the room.

Decorate walls all the way up

The walls leading up to the high ceilings create a big blank canvas of space that should be covered in order to close the gap of the upper and lower portions of the room.

Ignoring the upper portions of tall walls while only decorating at eye-level can tip the scale of the room and make it feel half-done or off balance. The way to rectify this problem is to move your decorating touches up in a vertical direction. Large pieces of wall art are one way to cover tall walls with large amounts of space.

Another option is to use multiple pieces of art, arranging them in a beautiful display up the wall. If art isn’t your thing, a large decorative mirror can be a great way to fill the space on a wall.

Anything that occupies a vertically endowed wall will help to draw the eyes upward toward the high ceilings and connect the upper part of the room with the lower.

Color creates a focal point

The best way to include large, open space is to help marry it with the rest of the usable portion of the room. One way to help include tall walls into the scheme of the room and close the gap between your floor and high ceilings is to create a focal point wall.

Painting one wall a dark, or contrast color to give the wall a purpose and make it a focal point in the room. Leaving tall walls empty and baron can create the essence of an even larger space due to the lack of charisma and character that the walls show.

You don’t want to have an overwhelming amount of open space, which is common in rooms with high ceilings. Anyone can create two types of atmospheres by painting a wall with height in a beautiful hue. You can either create a warmer, cozier space, or help accentuate the grandness of the room’s height.

Add long window curtains to your high windows

If you have a two-story living room, or a living room with high ceilings, chances are you have at least one set of tall windows in the room that need attention, too.

It may seem like a lot of money or work to try to dress tall windows in your high-ceiling living room, but believe me, the cost of leaving your room windows unloved and unattended to will be be just as costly to the look of your room.

When I say this, I mean that many people may want to take shortcuts and only dress the windows from the halfway point, down. This is not only not nearly as attractive, but it doesn’t do justice to those magnificent tall windows that could be showcased so much better.

If you want to keep the costs down, you can choose a simple fabric or style of drapes that still do justice to the windows by accentuating the grandeur of the tall windows and giving them some character and style.

Make your ceiling stand out

Wood beams are some of the most spectacular ceiling ornate ideas for any home, but for a living room with high ceilings, they can really accentuate the beauty and splendor of such magnificent height in the room.

You won’t be able to walk in the room without noticing the beautiful wood beams above and not marvel at their beauty. If wood beams aren’t an option or you just aren’t a fan of the look, opt for something like lighting fixtures that have the same effect, they make a bold statement.

You can hang magnificent chandeliers or other forms of lighting that hang low, are eye-catching, and draw the eyes upwards. In large rooms, hanging multiple fixtures can help cover a wider area of the room and make the room feel more cohesive.

There are so many ways to work with a living room with high ceilings and choosing the right ideas for your specific room can help to make the room a warm, welcoming room and expose its grandness.

If you are looking for ideas for your living room with high ceilings, then keep scrolling to see 20 beautiful living room designs with high ceilings.

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