Four Bloxburg Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire You

It’s hard to believe that Roblox has been around since 2006. It seems as if generations of young players discover the game for the first time—year after year; and to this day, millions of users of all ages play the game for various reasons. Little kids interact, build, and explore, while kids-at-heart gamers use the game to pass the time in a creative way. It’s true that Roblox can get your creative juices flowing, but some users have taken it to another level when it comes to home design.

Bloxburg is the city location of one Roblox game called Welcome to Bloxburg.In this game, you can design to your heart’s content. Of course, many Roblox gamers are using this platform to really make designs come to life, and some of the designs we’ve seen are pretty incredible.

In fact, Bloxburg is a good way to gather inspiration to design and create your living room virtually before you start moving actual furniture around or even before you start buying new furniture pieces. If you’re willing to test out the process on your living room, here are some of the best living room design inspirations we’ve found on Bloxburg.

1. Chevron classy

It’s difficult to deny elegance. There’s something about simple yet elegant furnishings that’s just so attractive. This classy living room is small yet sophisticated. The furnishings are simple and clean, and the colors are neutral.

This neutrality adds the minimalist elegance that makes this living room so classy. It also has a complete modern feel to it that’s contrasted by a glimpse of a golden chandelier.

The chevron wooden flooring is only the icing on top. That kind of detail doesn’t go unnoticed in a room that’s quiet and understated. The accents in the room are simple—florals, plants, and a gray scale cityscape on the far wall of the room. The stone-covered wall that highlights the green landscape outdoors complements the chevron floors. Finally, the bay window seating adds that little extra we all wish we had in our living rooms.

2. Pretty in pink

Pink is one of those colors that always seem to be a fad of some sort. Having pink as a central theme of your living room is no easy feat. We’ve seen some pink Bloxburg living rooms that have taken it way too far, but there’s a way to balance a pink-themed room—it’s totally possible.

This article features a blush modern mansion with a pink living room that accents everything we like about pink. The key, first of all, is in the hue. The tone of pink used is mostly light and blush. No pink material is too overwhelming or concentrated. To balance the pinks out, the designer also used a lot of neutral overtones such as whites and grays.

The living room features modern white couches with pink throw pillows, and the walls have a blush tint to them. The walnut color of the flooring grounds all the lightness in the room. The end result of it all is quite dreamy and truly pretty.

3. Mildly modern

These days, a lot of modern design means minimalistic and gray. Although this particular modern Bloxburg living room from has a ton of gray in it, we like the fact that it’s not overly minimalistic.

The touches of green on the walls and the floors add vibrancy to what would otherwise be plain and boring. Green always livens things up. If you can’t have live plants, putting prints of greenery around helps tremendously.

Of course nothing can replace live plants, and this is exactly what the room has—a small planter on the coffee table and a larger plant off to the side. The biggest gray area in the room is an accent wall covered in stone.

It doesn’t just have the color; it has character as well. That gray is reflected on the couch, which sits against a white wall. It’s important to have some contrast to define the lines in the room.

This means that you should never put a gray couch against a gray wall. And speaking of lines, the frames against the wall add a lot of interest and movement in the room without being too overwhelming.

Lighting is also key in any living room. You want lighting that will balance out the dark undertones of gray. Balance is key when designing a modern living room, and this one definitely has balance covered.

4. Vacation at home

Lastly, you can turn your living room into a luscious vacation villa just like this Bloxburg room. Although the design is built within a larger space, this style will actually work even in a smaller living room.

The key is in the use of natural tones and natural light. To achieve a vacation feel in your home, start off with light walls and wooden floors. If wooden floors are impossible, opt for natural rug or tile colors.

The goal is to bring in a forest vibe, so brown hues would be the best against a white background. You’ll want to use a light-colored couch to keep the feeling of the room airy.

Whites or nudes are best for this purpose. As for the walls, it’s best to keep them as clean as possible. To decorate the living room, use plants instead. In fact, use as much of it as necessary to get that tropical feel going. Plants with larger leaf structures are best, and you can complement them with some modern light fixtures.

The overall effect of the lightness and the green is relaxing, calming, and transformative. You’ll really feel as if you’re on vacation everyday when your living room is designed like this particular Bloxburg room. You might never even want to leave.

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