20 Living Room Ideas Designed in Minecraft

The popular, 3-D structure-building game, Minecraft, took video gaming by storm when it was released in 2011, and it’s still a very popular game today. The game is available in several platforms, including Mac, Linux, Windows, and XBox 360. Minecraft allows gamers to build and design all kinds of buildings using the materials of the earth that all around them.

Creating a home and designing individual rooms in the home is fun, like designing the perfect living room. There are some great ideas for designing a Minecraft living rooms and we have some great tips to help you design a beautiful living room that will be the envy of all your Minecraft friends.

Choose your flooring

The flooring, like in any real home, is the base of a room. With a variety of materials to use, you can create a look that is lighter and more lively than other types of materials. One of the types of flooring mentioned by Minecraft Wonder How To suggests one option as using iron and leaf, however, you can also choose an iron, block/pine flooring design, which looks very cool too, for a living room design.

Keeping your flooring simple is a good tip. One simple look that offers a great contrast feature is to work with nether brick and sandstone. You can create a variety of patterns on the floor to create your own unique design.

Furniture choices

According to Level Skip, you can create a variety of living room furniture that most every living room in the real world has. Every living room needs a comfy couch, right? Here’s one way you can give our friends a comfortable “sit” in your living room is to create a sofa using multiple stair blocks set side-by-side and adding a slab in front to create a longer look to the sofa.

Add a coffee table by using a few slabs put together, and design a nice side table by combining a fence post and top it with a pressure plate. Televisions are easy, and everyone needs a little entertainment for the living room.

Black wool creates a nice television look and you can decide on the size by using 4-6 slabs of the wool. To complete the television set-up, create a table using the materials mentioned above to make a table to set it on.

Light up or dim the lighting in your living room

Consider the type of building you’re designing your living room for. If you are designing a living room for an old ruin-type building, a key idea is to keep the lighting as dim as possible. Old buildings in ruin typically have a darker, less lively look to them so you’ll want to create a darker look and feel to the room. Black wool is one of the materials you can use to create this dark look for your living room.

On-the-other-hand, to create a brighter, airier look and feel to a more modern living room, use glowstone and lamps throughout the room to illuminate the entire room.

Add extras, like a fireplace

A fireplace is a nice touch to a living room. If your minecraft home is in a cold and wintery area, you will definitely want to add one, not only for the homey look it offers, but for the function you can envision it provides. Here’s one way to create a fireplace that will be less of a fire-hazzard. Start with a block of Netherrack and surround it with either stone or blocks of brick. These materials are better than wood because the won’t catch fire.

Minecraft is not only fun for kids, but it offer a lot of learning tools for kids. Amylandisman.com lists a number of way kids can sharpen their skills with the game. Minecraft will challenge your kid’s mind by learning about geometry and other mathematical elements. They will also broaden their creativity, and sharpen their reasoning skills.

Design and art are a big part of the game, as well as participating in teamwork. Kids are learning things they don’t even realize they’re learning because all they’re concerned about, is having fun creating the coolest buildings and other projects they can.

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