20 Beautiful Red Living Room Design Ideas to Consider

The vibrant color of red will brighten and cheer up any room in your home, but the one room that can often be left struggling for style and character, is the living room. The living room often suffers with a lack of decor theme and purpose. It can be a hodge-podge of things collected through the years and run the risk of looking drab and outdated. If you want to give your living room an up-do and bring it into today’s home decor-oriented world, why not give it a real edge by adding some red to the room to make it stand out and become a focal room in your home. Red is a color that is easy to fall in love with. That’s because you can set the tone for the amount, and to the boldness of the hue that you want. While many people may imagine a striking, fire engine red when they picture the color, it doesn’t have to be that bold or drastic when it comes to integrating the color into your living space. You can tone it down with soft shades of red and add more muted, and natural tones as secondary and accent colors to help keep the look relaxed and unobtrusive. Here are some ideas for creating a red living room design in your home.

Play off your furniture style and design

Red has always been one of the most popular color choices when it comes to the modern design theme. Typically, modern themes use bold color choices, and colors are often paired to create a patterned theme throughout a room, such as black and white stripes, or bold patterns of red and white throughout the room. Red and gray are two hues that are also often seen in modern motif. If your living room furniture and decor items already scream, modernism, using bold shades of red is one way to dramatically show off your theme. A red wall, add a couple red printed sitting chairs in the room, red window treatments, or a beautiful area rug with a bold red pattern as an accent to your room. Subdued, or soft shades of red can be incorporated in rooms with more traditional style living rooms, rustic reds for a rustic or urban look, and, well you probably get the picture.

How red do you want your living room?

Just because you love a color it doesn’t mean you have to go full-force and saturate a room with it in order to get your point across. No matter how much you may love red, there are ways you can make the room feel overwhelmed with it, depending on how you use it. For instance, a small living room that has all the walls plastered with a bold shade of red may feel closed in and suffocating in the shade. Instead, try creating a focal point wall painted in your favorite shade of red. If you prefer another color for the walls, you may want to choose a beautiful set of red furniture, or pieces of furniture that are patterned with shades of red to compliment your primary wall color choice. Wall art is another way to incorporate different amounts of red into the room, along with area rugs, window treatments, throw pillows, lamp shades and other accents. You can add as little or as much red as you want by what you choose to put in your room. Balancing the red with other colors, such as white, black, grays, and other neutral tones helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Add lighting to accentuate your red

Lighting is always a must in any room. Lighting isn’t always used for functional purposes, but for ambiance as well. Red is a color that can really show different sides to itself just by the type of lighting used in the room. For a luxurious and romantic appeal, an overhead chandelier is perfect for adding a focal point to the room. With a dimmer, they can be used as functional overhead lighting when you need a brighter task light, or dimmed for a softer ambiance setting. Other types of lighting that can help to showcase your red living room in its best light are with wall sconces, beautiful floor lamps in dark corners, an art light above a large piece of wall art hanging on a stand-alone wall in the room, or recessed lighting above an alcove in the room.

Red is a color that will always remain one of the most popular paint color choices used in home decor. One of the reasons is it’s versatility and the endless choices of hues you can find that makes it workable in any home decor theme you can dream of. So if you’re ready for a living room makeover, consider red as your primary color choice. To get you started, here are 20 beautiful red living room design ideas to inspire you.

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