The Five Best Types of Living Room Windows Money Can Buy

Energy Efficient Windows

You have some money to spare, and you finally decide it is time to put up your dream house. However, as you start drawing the plan and envisioning what each room will look like, you wonder which window is the best for the living room. You think about the climate you are living in and other factors, but you still are unable to find the one that caters to all your needs. With so many types of living room windows to choose from, we have narrowed your search with the following five types we think you should consider.

Bay windows

Bay is derived from “baee” a French word that means opening. As such, bay windows are a projected space angled out from the main wall such that they create a bay within a room. Usually, a bay window is made from three glass panel such that the middle one is fixed while the other two on the side are at an angle and can be opened. Due to that projection, most homeowners turn the bay window into a seating area mainly for relaxing when maybe reading a book or enjoying the sunset or sunrise. Moreover, with the projection, comes increased square footage meaning that you can get higher resale value if you ever decide to put your house up for sale.

However, it does not come cheap, and the lower price you will probably get it for is $1,500; the larger the window, the more money you should expect to pay for it. Also, you should ensure that you engage professionals during installation; otherwise, you will deal with structural issues later. Additionally, their angles and configurations make shopping for window treatment a nightmare since getting the right hardware is difficult.

Casement windows

Casement windows are attached to the frame by hinges on the side. You can choose to have one on its own or pair it up with another but within the same frame. Since a living room usually has a lot of people at the same time, casement windows are ideal because. according to Medium. the provide the best ventilation. They are the most energy-efficient; once opened, the casement windows allow fresh air to flow into the room and once closed, they offer insulation against windy weather.

If you want to have an air conditioning unit in your living room, you, unfortunately, cannot because casement windows open outwards. Installation costs are also a bit expensive with each casement window labor expense going for around $250, while the window itself costs $500. All in all, if it has added features, your casement window can set you back at least $2,000. You should also ensure that the hinges are regularly checked for stability. With time, they get rusty making them easy to break into but with proper maintenance, casement windows are one of the best to protect your home against burglars.

Skylight windows

Housetipster published that having a skylight window in your living room could be a blessing, especially if you live in a warm climate. It enables heat to rise and escape from the rooftop window and allows cool air to circulate within the living space. As a result, the power bills associated with air conditioning are significantly reduced. Also, if you usually go outside to look at the sky, a skylight window will ensure that you enjoy the beauty of the stars in the comfort of your living room. Such windows also help to make your room feel and look bigger than it is.

For you to enjoy the many benefits of skylight windows, be ready to part with $3,000, but the amount depends on the type of windows you prefer. If you have a beautiful rug whose bright colors help to make the living room feel cozier, with time, the sun glare from the window will cause the carpet to fade. Of course, even the furniture will be affected depending on where they are situated. Besides during summer, solar heating can be too much to bear.

Picture windows

These are usually inoperable and can be as large as the homeowner feels necessary. As a result, they are great for anyone who prefers a large unobstructed view of the outdoors. Since they cannot be opened, they are also ideal for anyone with allergies because triggers have no way of finding their way into your home. Also, because they are inoperable, picture windows are among the most energy-efficient. Best of all, they are very low maintenance; besides being easy to clean, they do not have any mechanical parts to be replaced.

However, if you live in a hot climate, these are not the best option because the lack of ventilation will have your living room stuffy; hence, most homeowners combine such windows with other types. Since they provide perfect insulation, it also means that they trap the solar heat during hot weather, making your space unbearable unless you have an air conditioning unit which means your electricity bill will increase. Finally, if it breaks, you will have to replace the entire unit.

Bow windows

Most people do not know the difference between bay and bow windows and Fixr explains that while a bay window usually has three glass panels, a bow window has four or more making it much wider. Besides, although both protrude from the main wall, bow windows do not form large projections as bay windows. Another difference is the cost because bow windows are much more expensive going at a price of$3,600 for a 5-panel vinyl window. Since they are wider, bow windows allow more natural light into your living room while also affording you a spectacular unobstructed view of the beautiful outdoors due to their unique shape.

Similar to bay windows, getting the right window treatment can be challenging for bow windows because of their narrow profile. If you are looking for extra seating space, bow windows may not be the best; their narrow projections means that the seating space created is small. All the same, they still increase the resale value of the home. Maintenance is also easy since all you need to do is clean the window panes regularly with vinegar and water mixture, and lubricate the casement hinges.

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