10 Coffee Tables Perfect for a Small Living Room

Small living rooms aren’t always the easiest to decorate. You have to take into consideration, the size of the room and how it is designed, in order to know what type of furniture will fit best so that you have full functionality of the room. Of course you want your living room to be beautiful. It is the most lived in room in the home; the place you relax, entertain, watch TV, spend quality time with the family, and just live.

To do all of these things, it is important to have furniture that fits your lifestyle, and decorative style as well. Next to your couch and sitting furniture pieces, albeit, a love seat, chairs or ottoman, your tables are the next most important pieces of furniture in the room. Most people have at least one side table for functional purposes, and a sofa table.

But the coffee table is the most used, and most functional table in most living rooms. It’s the table where people display reading material, books, magazines, or a photo album or two. But one of the main purposes of a coffee table is its functional purpose of being able to set drinks or plates of food on when entertaining or relaxing with a meal or snack.

Some people use a coffee table for a foot rest while watching TV, too. Finding the perfect coffee table is important, not only for the design of the room, but one that will function as you need it to, and it should fit the room. If you have a small living room, your coffee table should be visible, but not so large that it takes up precious space and results in a furniture-overload situation; cumbersome to maneuver around and an eye sore. To choose the perfect coffee table for a small living room, here are some tips.

Measure the area

You will need to know the space that is available for your coffee table. Start with getting measurements of the couch so you know how long it is. You don’t want the coffee table to be as large as the sofa, but a fraction of the size of the sofa. You also want to make sure there is ample room to walk, both between the couch and coffee table, as well as thee coffee table and rest of the room. If you have other pieces of furniture in the room, make sure the coffee table doesn’t impede on traffic flow between it and the other furniture.


There are so many styles of coffee tables that it is easy to find a style that matches your taste, your room décor, and the dimensions. If you have a small living room, keeping your coffee table scaled to the size of your room is important. Choose a design that isn’t big, bulky, or overstated so that it takes up too much visual square footage of the room. Simplicity is often the key for choosing a coffee table for a small living room. Glass coffee tables add square footage to a small room by leaving the floor space visible, which helps to create the illusion of more space. If you need to combine the function of a table with storage space, a small ottoman that opens, is one way to incorporate the two. Keep in mind that coffee tables with large, bulky legs will shrink the room, can be cumbersome, and take away much needed floor space for foot traffic. Light colored woods, coffee tables stained or painted in light colors, or white washed looks, add a sense of openness to a room.

If you need some ideas, here are ten coffee tables perfect for a small living room.

1. bonVIVO Designer Coffee Table Donatella, Modern Coffee Table – $149.90

Donatella offers a contemporary style coffee table for those who like the sleek, modern look. It’s made of solid wood that go well with both, country-style and modernistic décor styles. Just under the table top, is a level for storage so that you get two functions in one. The glass top is easy to clean and adds a sense of more floor space, with the see-through glass. The dimensions of the table are: 15.7 x 43 x 21.7 inches. If you are interested in this look, follow the link to see more. It sells for $149.90 and is just one of our ten coffee tables that will suite a small living room.

2. Yaheetech Living Room Modern Glass Top Coffee Tables Metal Base – $59.99

The Yaheetech coffee table is a modern style coffee table, designed with tempered glass and chrome-finished legs. This design fits well in multiple types of living rooms, from modern and contemporary, to casual, and elegant. It’s easy to set up and clean, being that it’s glass and stain-proof. For small living rooms, it is simple yet elegant, and it very understated. The measurements are: 100 x 50 x 40cm/39.37 x 19.7 x 15.75 in (L x W x H).  Above is the link you can follow to order one for your living room, and it will only set yo back, $59.99.

3. Furinno 11179EX Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso – $20.26

 For those who love the simplistic look, here you go. The Furrino Simple Design coffee table gives you all the functionality you want in a coffee table, yet not overly intrusive in design or size. It is definitely a table in anyone’s budget, at just $20.26, it is solid, durable, easy to maintain and care for. Simply wipe it down with a dampened cloth and polish as needed. The color is espresso, which goes so well with many décor designs. You won’t have to worry about bulkiness, and consuming too much space with this table.

4. DHP Parsons Modern Coffee Table – $29.32

The DHP Parsons Modern coffee table is not only budget friendly, at just $29.32, but it is the perfect table for functioning in a small living room. Although the price is low, the table itself is high quality, beautifully designed with a simple look in a arm, natural finish that you can choose from two colors; rich black, or espresso. It is made of faux-wood, which means that it is hard to scratch or stain. The perfect answer to families with small kids, or anyone who needs super easy maintenance for their table. It’s one of the top ten perfect coffee tables for small living rooms with its open leg style that exposes floor space, where it’s needed.

5. Leick Furniture, Oval Coffee Table in Medium Oak – $126.34

Have a small living room and need a coffee table that compliments it perfectly? Leick Furniture designed this oval coffee table in a medium oak wood to go with all kinds of décor styles and colors, as well as compact and functional. It is oval in shape, to allow for more space to maneuver around it, and one of the best benefits is the built-in drawer that gives you storage space for things like your TV remote, laptop, or anything else you need to tuck away. It is a beautiful table of solid, natural Oak wood, easy to maintain, and durable.

6. Household Essentials Ash Wood Round Modular Coffee Table – $60.64

This coffee table is low, measuring just 16 inches high, which is great for small living rooms. It doesn’t take up too much height-space and is only 31.5 inches in diameter. It is classy looking, in a smooth gray, laminate finish, which means that it is easy to clean and maintain. Don’t worry about spills or stains, chipped wood, or warping. The legs are black metal and are in an open-frame design to allow for more visual square footage in floor space. The table is not only easy to reach while sitting on the sofa, but it’s easy to reach when sitting around it on the floor, or kneeling. Stylish and practical, it’s perfect for your small room.

7. Weathered Grey Oak Finish Black Metal 2-tier Modern Round Coffee Table – $69.95

For small spaced, living rooms, storage is often an issue. You can utilize your coffee table for added storage, which is what makes this particular coffee table great for small living rooms. It’s two-tiered for added storage, and at only 16.5 inches high, 32 inches long, and 32 inches deep, this round coffee table will fit nicely in any small room. It is a neutral color, of weathered grey and made of oak. The table has a modern look to it, but will go with many other types of décor. At only $69.95, you won’t be out of budget with this table.

8. Alaterre AZMBA1120 Sonoma Rustic Natural Coffee Table, Brown – $244.32

Rustic and natural looking, the crooks, grooves and knots, give this coffee table a unique, natural look that was made using fine workmanship to make it a beautiful addition to your small living room. The coffee table was designed with a solid top and metal legs so that it stays durable for many years to come. The table measures 42 inches in width, making it more narrow than many coffee tables so that you have more floor space.

9. Yaheetech Modern 2 White Drawers Coffee Table – $65.99

Modern and clean looking, this 2-drawer coffee table will only cost you $65.99 and it is the perfect coffee table for a small living room. If you need a table that also doubles as added storage, well, here is one table that will do it for you. It is durable, sturdy and made of 15mm grade E1 particle board with solid wood legs. Chic and stylish, you get everything you want in a coffee table, along with being easy to clean and maintain.

10. Sauder Soft Modern Cocktail/Coffee Table in Fine Walnut Finish – $69.43

Elegant and simple, the Sauder Soft Modern Cocktail/Coffee table is beautifully designed. The top is constructed of faux Carrar marble, making it stain resistant, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant, perfect for those with kids, or those who love to entertain. It will easily fit in any small living space. It’s dimensions measure: 49 5/8″ X 18″ X17 1/4″, and will go with just about any type of room décor. If you like the looks of this small coffee table, it will only cost you $69.43 to purchase, which you can do at the following link.

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