A Guide to Incorporating Shelves Into Your Living Room

Living Room with Shelves

Incorporating shelves in a modern design is much different from incorporating them in a classic design. There are a handful of different stylistic options you can choose, and each have their own ramifications for the space. Some of the most common materials include: wood, plastic, and glass. It is important to see how these different materials affect the different outcomes of the space. Modern designs typically incorporate plastic or glass for more space. These shelves are oftentimes left empty strictly for design purposes. This increases the feelings of space and cleanliness in the room as people look for a new focal point. It seems that designers are increasingly incorporating minimalist shelves as a way to increase the perceived size of the room.

Having shelves in the living room is an important design decision. Shelves can tie together a space in a way that other furniture pieces cannot. They give any room more space and flexibility, allowing for a greater contrast throughout the entire room. Choosing the right shelves for your living room can make or break the space. In addition to providing “whitespace” for the room, they also increase the practicality of the space. Shelves can be used for decoration or storage reasons. Some people store books in their shelves, but others leave them nearly empty for design purposes. We will take a look at various setups to determine which are the most effective for your own personal settings. If you are in the process of decorating a home, then shelves are always a measurable consideration.

Here are the main stylistic considerations:


Size is an important factor because it can make or break the space. The right kind of shelving can add space to a small room. In rooms that are larger, shelves can offer a practical focal point that can store items or decorations. How you intend to utilize your own shelf space will depend on personal preferences. However, there are plenty of places to get inspiration for different designs. People have started incorporating shelves in unique ways throughout their homes. It might be a good time to review the latest stylistic tendencies.


One of the latest trends that has captivated home designers are hanging shelves. One of the reasons that they have gained in popularity is that they are more clean visually. Older designs of shelves took up larger spaces and could dominate the look of the room. Hanging shelves offer a modern take on a classic furniture staple. Design is one of the most important elements to consider when buying new shelving units. However, to determine which units will best suit your needs, you need to consider what you will store in them.


There seem to be two primary schools of thought when it comes down to the installation of shelves. Some people rely on shelving more for practical purposes while others use it to accentuate the room. There is also a balance that can occur between the two. These include shelves that look great but work for practical purposes. You can also store various pieces of art and other visuals that enhance the room. Regardless the reasons for putting up shelving, it should be something that adds to your own enjoyment of the space.


One of the biggest considerations that a person needs to make is the material that will be used for the shelves. Wood has made a design comeback in the last decade, asserting itself as the primary material that is used by most designers. However, one of the nice things about shelves is that they are very flexible in both design and appearance. It is also possible to make shelves out of plastic or glass. Each provide unique characteristics that can make a space feel more like home. Shelving is a great opportunity to improve any space, so it makes sense to get a material that is both workable and visually enjoyable.


The appearance of your shelves is a critical component of how they will fit in your home. This is not only the material, but the combination of the various design elements. Shelves can either be light or dark depending on the design tendencies. Color is also an important aspect, for both wood and other materials. Plastics can vary tremendously in both color and shape. It is important to decide what role you want the shelves to play in the design of the living room. You will proceed differently depending on whether or not you think that they should be a focal point of the space. Getting these design elements right will make a noticeable difference in your home, making it a place that you can enjoy again and again.

Shelving units are a critical part of any living room. They provide utility and comfort, which improves the space in the long term. This is all the more reason to make sure that you choose shelves that will work for you. Given all the design choices out there, something will surely come along that you are wild about. It’s important to give this area consideration, but oftentimes many different models will get the job done.

As with any project, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of adding or renovating shelving. Shelving is more understated than many elements of the design, but it is no less important. One of the best practices is to see the various designs on blogs or websites. These will go a long way in helping you to get shelves that you enjoy. There is also software that can allow you to create a room before you build it, a tool that can really come in handy. Play with various designs and pick something that works for your space. At the end of the day, the most important feature is that you love it.

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