10 Essentials to Create a Gothic Living Room

Many people automatically assume that gothic means dark and ominous. However, gothic designs are more historic than anything. It could denote any design aspects from the Gothic era from the 12thcentury to the later parts of the 16thcentury—which basically means medieval. It’s true that gothic could also stand for the Dark ages, which represented the early European middle ages. No matter how you want to approach a gothic design, there are certain design pieces that you ought to have in order to create a proper look. Here are 10 essentials you need to have for a gothic living room.

1. Tufted French sofa

For some reason, nothing says gothic like a tufted sofa. We’re thinking darker colors like black or crimson like this sofa or even jewel colors like sapphire, emerald, or amethyst. French gothic sofa styles that are as ornate as possible would work for an overall gothic look. You want to stay away from cotton materials here but instead look for either velvet or leather materials.

2. Ornate chandelier

There was a time when a room was lit up with wooden chandeliers and candlelight. You can achieve this same effect by finding an extremely ornate chandelier that has multiple layers on it. Chandeliers always serve as an immaculate focal point in any room. You want to choose chandeliers that hold a good amount of lighting and one that has nonstop details. You can go with either brass or gold for a full on gothic effect. If you’re bold enough, go with a black chandelier to add drama to your lighting.

3. Candles

Speaking of lighting, add warmth and dimension to your living room by surrounding it with candles. White candles are preferable, and you want candles of all shapes and sizes. Display some tapered candlesticks on antique candleholders. Line up a series of pillars on your fireplace mantel, or scatter lowly tea lights wherever you can. While candles act as decorative pieces during the daytime, they totally transform rooms at night. Enjoy your gothic living room by candlelight, and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back into time.

4. Statement mirror

It has to be large, and it has to be looming over everything. If you want to complete your gothic living room look, you have to put up a gigantic mirror onto one of your walls. Don’t think minimalist here. Think ornate and grand like this mirror here. Gold is a popular option for the trim, but you can also go with black or brass. Mirrors not only add character to a room. They also make a room feel bigger. Since gothic living rooms tend to feel a little stuffy, having a mirror will help make it feel more airy.

5. Gothic arches

Gothic architecture is notable for its use of arches—pointed arches at that. Although you might not be able to add on actual arches to your living room walkways, there are ways to add the “look” of arches in your space. You can use a vintage gotchic arch window as wall décor. These are normally reclaimed from old churches and sold at furniture consignment shops. Also, you can use arched moldings to add onto hallway ceilings. This one might seem like too much work, but the end look will be worth it.

6. Ornate wallpaper

You might notice a theme going on with everything being ornate. Gothic designs are typically full of details, so ornate styles really work. For a gothic living room, look for damask style wallpapers that match the colors of your living room. It doesn’t matter if you go dark or light, but dark is almost preferable on this end. Having a dark purple or black and white damask wall will add so much drama and dimension to your living room.

7. Stone sculpture

Gothic living rooms have a unique sense of style. When most people think of gothic, sculptures of gargoyles and dragons might immediately come to mind. Imagine placing a stone gargoyle sculpture on one of your highest bookshelves. It will serve as the ultimate conversation piece for your next gathering. Otherwise, you can also just decorate your living room with s life-size bust of a random person or maybe even put up two.

8. Old world trinkets

Go ahead and splurge on your next trip to the antique store and pick up anything that says medieval or Victorian or just plain old antique. Finish up the details of your gothic living room by adding gothic trinkets and décor wherever you can. You want to look for décor made out of stone, metal, or brass and stay away from anything made in the modern world. Some of the best décor pieces you can find include antique globes, small brass sculptures, candleholders, vases, books, and so much more. Get creative and take your time. You’ll know when you find the right pieces for your living room.

9. Gothic armchair

Make sure you have at least one gothic armchair in your living room to add some extra seating areas. A gothic armchair will likely be made out of wood—stained with a dark color of course. A gothic armchair might have a pointedly arched backrest. You also want to find a chair with an appropriate fabric cover. The good thing about these kinds of chairs is you can easily switch out the fabric whenever you need to.

10. Medieval painting

For the final touches, how about adding an over boding medieval painting. Medieval paintings oftentimes depicted religious themes, but you don’t have to go there if that’s not your style. There are plenty of modern paintings that depict medieval styles. Go with a landscape or even a portrait. Go with a lighter painting or go with something dark. Either way, having medieval painting will finish up the perfect gothic living room.

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