10 Essentials for the Perfect Medieval Bedroom

Bedrooms in medieval times are probably not something we’d like to go back to. We wouldn’t want to go back to life using uncomfortable beds and no air conditioning. However, design elements from the time have certainly become inspiration points for many designers and homeowners today. There’s something captivating about the dark and elegant characteristic of medieval styles. It’s elegant in a romantic kind of way, and its quality is in the simplistic details. If you were ever to create the perfect medieval bedroom, you’d need these 10 essentials to get you started.

1. Stone walls

To get a medieval bedroom started, you should perhaps address the walls first. Although you’d stay true to an original medieval look by going with darker stones such as slate, you can definitely get away with lighter stones such as marble. We suggest going with earth tones instead of white, as white gives too much of a modern appeal. And if real marble isn’t in the budget, you can swap them for easy peel-and-stick faux marble wallpaper that won’t cost you much.

2. Wall tapestry

Wall décor in the olden days weren’t the types that you could get a print of at the home décor store. Wall tapestries took forever to create by hand, and they often meant something of importance to the family. Fortunately, you wouldn’t have to hand-sew your own tapestry today, but you can definitely find one that suits your style. You can make the tapestry a small decorative piece of your medieval bedroom, or you can totally turn it into the focal point.

3. Medieval minimalist chandelier

During those days, chandeliers were simple wheel-style hanging lanterns that held a number of candles. You wouldn’t have to use candles here, but staying true to the style will definitely give your medieval bedroom an authentic feel. For your purpose of also creating the mood, you might opt to use warm light bulbs instead of bright ones. Warmer light bulbs will create a softer environment that will be reminiscent of days when electricity didn’t exist.

4. Medieval-style sconces

If you want extra lighting in your medieval bedroom, a couple of well-placed sconces should do the trick. Sconces may be placed next to a vanity mirror, by doors, by windows, or even by your bed area. You should also try to stick true to medieval design by using sconces that has some antique quality to it. Dark metal such as bronze works wonders as well as wood. Make sure to also use warm light bulbs for your sconces to have even lighting throughout the bedroom. You may also use candles for the effect if you prefer.

5. Wall niches

This detail won’t be an easy fix unless you already have wall niches in your bedroom space. During the medieval ages, wall niches were used as storage spaces and decorative spaces as well. You can use wall niches to hold various bedroom essentials, books and photos, or you can also use them to display collected antique decorations. These spaces would also look great in holding even more candles to light up your medieval bedroom space.

6. Medieval bed

The most important thing you can put in a medieval-style bedroom would be a medieval-style bed. There’s no need to hunt for an authentic one here because they’ll likely cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, look for bed frames that have a medieval feel to them. Four-post beds were famous at the time, and they still make ones today that aren’t overly brooding. You can add linens onto your bed to achieve the whole medieval feel. While your medieval bed may be old school, you can upgrade your mattress into something that’s totally modern and comfortable. This way, you can have the best of both worlds.

7. Antique mirror frame

When it comes to mirrors, you want to get away from ornate as much as possible. Medieval mirrors were simpler. While you can go with bronze for this design detail, you might be better off opting with an antique piece of wood. You’ll get plenty of kudos if you can find authentic medieval mirrors, but it’s definitely not a necessity. If you’ve got a creative hand, you can even turn this into a DIY project by framing existing mirrors in your bedroom with a simple antique wood from your local lumber.

8. Antique décor

To achieve a completely medieval look, you might want to get rid of any modern-looking décor. What many people used back then for decorations were practical things. Books, lamps, clay pottery, and the like are great options for décor. You may also want to add other old world decorations such as globes, candelabras, and so forth.

9. Wooden doors

You can probably picture it here already. Take away the modern-day white door, and replace it with an antique-looking wood panel door. If you can shape your doorway into an arch, it would be even better. Exposed door hardware will give off an authentic medieval feel as well. You can really go all out here by getting wood with beautiful grain. And if you want to go the extra mile, try to match the rest of your furniture to your door. It will give off a medieval yet polished look.

10. Doorknob

Eliminate the modern doorknob—at the very least, switch it up. Doorknobs were simply nonexistent then, and there are plenty of options today that will still give you the function of a doorknob without the look. Wrought iron hardware would look totally authentic on a medieval-style door, and the use of old world lock fixtures would work well enough to keep people out while you’re in the privacy of your medieval bedroom. The doorknob will be the first and last thing you’d touch in a bedroom, so make sure that it leaves an impression. Even something as small as a doorknob can make a difference.

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