10 Essential Pieces of Paris Bedroom Décor

When it comes to interior design, the French are quite traditional. They appreciate their historic apartments in the heart of the city center. Most of them mix antiques with modern furniture. The French master the classic and contemporary mix as well as the constant balance between antique and design. The French home design is way over the perfect balance of comfort and elegance. The Parisian Bedroom includes a few architectural elements, which you may or may not have. Including:

  • Inbuilt shelves
  • Parquet floors
  • White walls that showcase the details of historic ornament
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows to get natural light.

However, Parisian bedroom interiors have nothing flashy. The walls are painted white on the better part while the other color palette concentrates on grey, beige, blue, white, black, and khaki. The French also focus on detail and quality. The French value minimalism and are afraid of space on floors and walls. Furniture is given room to breathe, and art is large and singular or simply not there. With that and more inspiration from this article, you can turn your bedroom style to that of the home of the Eiffel Tower.

1. The Eiffel tower

People associate Paris with various symbols, from fashionable accessories to fancy home décor. The most popular symbol is the Eiffel Tower. Once you have one in place, you can fill in the gaps with these ideas for secondary Paris themed décor.

2. A Chandelier

For many years, chandeliers have been a staple of stylish décor. According to Vision Bedding, a chandelier is a magic décor item of the Parisian bedroom-style found in most French-themed pieces of architecture in cathedrals and mansions. For your bedroom, you can choose crystal chandeliers, mid-century lighting chandeliers, or a contemporary lighting piece. Most people prefer contemporary and vintage-inspired chandeliers due to the significant change it brings in a room.

3. Contemporary Art

The French like to invest in modern furniture, fine antiques, and contemporary art for their homes. Therefore, you can have a few art-inspired pieces that can help you feel like there is a piece of Paris culture in your bedroom. When buying artwork, get something that reminds you of your different trips to Greece, Corsica, Paris, Marrakesh, or Italy. Parisian apartments do not lack travel photography since they like to show off where they have been before.

4. A Gold Mirror

Every Parisian bedroom includes a gold mirror. In a typical Paris bedroom, you will find a gigantic gold mirror. It is an excellent way to get that air of elegance that Parisians adore. The gigantic mirror makes the room brighter.

5. A vintage rug

As mentioned earlier, Parisians tend to mix modern furniture with antiques. In a typical Parisian bedroom, you will always find a beautiful vintage rug. According to Leon, a vintage rug from an artisanal flea market is the best. However, you can also find a home décor company that sells high-quality vintage-inspired and antique rugs.

6. An Iconic Armchair

As mentioned before, Parisians are aware of the value of minimalism and do not mind empty spaces. They always give furniture space to breathe. Parisian prefers an iconic armchair to a sofa in the bedroom since their flats are small. There is always a design and contemporary armchair in a Frenchie’s bedroom. There is a wide range of options available but choosing a contemporary piece such as the Danish midcentury design or velvet design armchair. The contemporary piece helps in balancing out the old and more antique-looking items in the room.

7. Focus on your Bedding

Parisians are keen on style. The most visible piece in a bedroom is the bedsheet. Therefore, it is essential to look for the right bedding to start your Paris themed bedroom décor. According to Vision Bedding, versatile patterns blend well with Paris themed rooms. Mini Eiffel Towers, repetitive visuals of hearts and bicycles, create a playful bed cover. If you have interests in learning the French language, you can request your designer to include a beautiful and romantic phrase that looks feminine on your Paris themed comforter. The decorations with French phrases that read “Je T’aime” or “I love you” are a perfect touch and a conversation starter. You can also bring the city of Paris into your bedroom by having a cityscape bed cover. Blankets, comforters, and pillowcases with photographs of the canals, streets, and skyline can make you feel like you are in France.

8. Vintage-inspired Vases

There is a difference between vintage-inspired vases and carboy bottles. In every Parisian bedroom, you will notice an empty vintage-inspired vase or containing some fresh or dried flowers such as larkspur or lavender. Dried plants are great for those who are too busy to take care of fresh flowers or simply if you are not lucky enough to get a green thumb. Dried plants do not feel fake, and they add some color to the room. Get an assortment of vases, preferably ceramic or glass, in a wide range of different shapes and colors.

9. Candles

A Parisian bedroom is not complete without candles. You must have come across pictures on Instagram or Pinterest of a Parisian bedroom with Diptyque candles on a coffee table. The scented candles create a romantic Parisian environment. The decorative pieces can add a unique touch to your bedroom, making it feel more lived-in. You can try something unexpected such as Figuier or Verveine.

10. Coffee table

The French focus so much on the intellectual card. That is why most Parisian girls have an overwhelming interest in their books. In the opinion of (https://www.homedit.com/paris-themed-room/), a Parisian bedroom, there is a book present somewhere bedside table, bookshelf, or on a coffee table in the living room. Create a reading nook with a classic coffee table in your bedroom where you can place your French books about design, food, wine, and fashion. When creating your Parisian paradise, note that there are several ways to go about it to make your bedroom unique. Chandeliers, contemporary art, the Eiffel towers, beautiful flowers are some of the pieces that can bring the Parisian culture into your bedroom. No matter the design or shade you pick, your bedroom will be filled with décor that shows your favorite aspects of Paris.

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