What to Look for in a Kids Bedroom Set

Kids Bedroom

If you are updating your child’s bedroom, an important aspect of the design is the furniture you include in the room. There is some excellent children’s bedroom furniture available, and many of these are available as a set. Before rushing out to buy a set of furniture, there are several things you need to think about. Here are some of the considerations to make when choosing a kid’s bedroom furniture set.

The Size and Shape of the Bedroom

Habitat says that you should al bedroom before choosing a kid’s bedroom furniture set. Furniture sets come in various sizes, so it is essential that you make sure a set will fit into the room before you buy. It is not just the dimensions of the room that matter as the shape of the room can also make a difference. Also, you should take into consideration the size and location of the windows and doors when planning how a furniture set will fit.


The style of the bedroom furniture is important to many people. They want a style that reflects their child’s personality or that suits the overall style of their home. There are plenty of styles available from which you can choose. However, you should never prioritize the visual appeal of a bedroom set over its functionality. Ideally, you should choose a set that is both stylish and practical. Frances Hunt also suggests that you avoid buying themed furniture or your child’s bedroom. Although having a furniture set that matches your theme will look fantastic initially, your child will probably soon outgrow the theme and then you will need to replace the furniture.

Kid Bedroom Design


There are three main materials from which furniture sets are made, and each has its own pros and cons. The three options you are likely to see are:

  • MDF – This is a manufactured material that has a wood-effect exterior. Furniture made from this material are often the cheapest option, but it is also the poorest quality and least durable.
  • Wood – Most drawers and wardrobes are made from wood, and this is also a popular material for bed frames. It is tough, durable, and can stand the test of time. There are many different types of wood available. Another option is painted wood, which is a look that some people prefer. The main downside of wood furniture sets is the weight, as they are the heaviest option of the three.
  • Metal – Although wardrobes and drawers are predominantly made from wood or MDF, some sets have a bed frame that is made out of tubular metal. This is a modern style that is lightweight and relatively cheap. On the downside, they dent easily and suffer from wear and tear.

Types of Bed

The bed is the main piece of furniture in any bedroom, so this is the item that you should look at first in any kid’s bedroom set. If the bed is not suitable for your needs, then it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of the set is as you cannot buy it. There are different types of bed to suit different needs. According to Furniture Village, some of the options include the following:

  • Single bed-This is the simplest option for a child’s bedroom, and it is often the cheapest type of bed.
  • Single bed with under bed storage- If storage space is limited, then opting for a single bed that includes a storage drawer that slides under the bed is a good choice.
  • Bunk beds- These are ideal if you have two children sharing a room and limited space to fit two beds.
  • Beds with drawers and storage- There are single beds available that include a storage drawer underneath and extra storage around the headboard area.
  • Multifunctional cabin beds- A cabin bed is a great option for a child’s bedroom that is very small as it is like three pieces of furniture in one. Below the raised sleeping area, there is usually a set of drawers and a short wardrobe.
  • Space maximizing high sleepers- These are similar to a cabin bed, but often include a small desk and set of drawers in the space below the bed rather than a small wardrobe and drawers. They are a great option for teens as it gives them space to complete their homework.

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Drawers and Wardrobes

Look at the drawers in a furniture set to check that they offer enough storage for your child’s clothes or possessions. Also, check that the drawers are not too flimsy and that the bottoms will not push out easily when filled with clothes. Wardrobes come in different styles. So, some include drawer at the bottom, others are divided into a hanging area and a shelf section, and others only offer a hanging space. Decide which best suits your needs before buying a set.


A final consideration to make when choosing your furniture set is the price. You probably already have a budget in mind based on what you can afford. In some cases, spending a little more can mean you are buying a good quality set that will last a little longer. However, it is not always the case that paying more means better quality. Sometimes you can get excellent furniture sets for your kid’s bedroom very cheaply. This is because a variety of factors affect the price, such as the brand, the materials, the style, and the size.

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Sets – The Final Verdict

Measuring the bedroom space available is the first important step to choosing the right bedroom furniture. The size and style of the bed is also an important consideration, and this can dictate the bedroom furniture set options available to you. It is vital to have enough storage space in your child’s bedroom for all their clothes, toys, and other possessions, so you must consider furniture items such as wardrobes, sets of drawers, and toy boxes. You should never choose your kids bedroom furniture set based on visual appeal alone, as practicality is essential.

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