The Key Characteristics of a Moroccan Style Bedroom

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to choosing an interior décor style. While some people prefer a neutral color scheme and clean lines, others prefer to use bold colors and add lots of accessories. If your preference is for the latter, then a Moroccan theme is one option that you should consider. This is a design style that works particularly well in bedrooms as it is a warm and comfortable look. Here is an overview of the key characteristics of a Moroccan style bedroom.

What is a Moroccan Style Bedroom?

According to Home Guides, the Moroccan style is not only influenced by the culture, history, and landscapes of Morocco, but also by many other influences. These include other African countries, Mediterranean style, and the French. This means that it is a diverse and interesting interior design style that has elements of other interior design styles. It is usually an elaborate look that is warm and makes use of both natural materials and textiles. The following are some of the key characteristics of a Moroccan style bedroom.


The Moroccan interior design style predominantly uses natural materials, such as stone, wood, and ceramics. Stained glass is also used, and you will see wrought iron on many features of a Moroccan room, such as the lighting and as grilles for doors and windows. Fabrics also play an important part in creating this style. Of all these materials, wood is the most important for this style as it is the one that is used in the greatest variety of ways, from the floors to the accessories. Wood is also used for visual effect as it is often elaborately carved.

Architectural Features

With the Moroccan style, it is common to paint directly onto the walls, which usually have a rough finish rather than smooth plastering. The windows are often arched and have stained glass, and the use of iron grilles on both the windows and doors is common. Ceiling beams are another architectural feature that is typically associated with the Moroccan style.

Colors and Patterns

Decoist says that you can create a Moroccan theme in your bedroom with the use of amazing hues and exotic patterns. For the walls, you can go one of two ways. To create a contemporary and bright look, just use white on the walls and add color in your soft furnishings and accessories. On the other hand, you can create a bold and luxurious look with some of the colors associated with this style. The main colors used with this style are earth tones and jewel colors. These include warm browns, deep reds, emerald greens, bright blues, burnt oranges, and golden yellows. The use of pattern is also important, and this is often applied through the use of soft furnishings and accessories.


There are three main options for floors in a Moroccan style bedroom. The first is a wood floor, which has a warm feel and is a practical option. The second choice is a stone floor, which is practical and can make a bold statement. A third option, and possibly the most aesthetically pleasing, is to have a tiled mosaic floor. Whichever option you choose, you should add rugs, says House Beautiful. Rugs add warmth and texture to the room, and also serve the practical purpose of giving you a soft platform for your feet when you get up in the mornings. Choose colorful rugs with geometric shapes.


Either wood or wrought iron furniture are the best options for this style. The most important piece of furniture is the bed, as this is the focal point in most bedrooms. A carved wood four-poster bed with thick drapes will make a bold statement, especially if you choose one with an ornate wooden headboard. For a sleeker look, opt for a wrought iron bed frame that you can dress with soft furnishings. For drawers and wardrobes, wood is the better option and dark woods are best suited to this theme. You do not necessarily need matching items of furniture, so you can select individual pieces. If you have a large bedroom, you might consider adding some seating to the rooms. Either an ottoman or a pouf are pieces that reflect the Moroccan style.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are a vital element of the Moroccan style and they are used in a variety of ways. For the bedding, choose either a crisp white cover that you can accessorize with bright and patterned cushions and a throw, or opt for a bedding set in a deep color that complements the overall color scheme. For the bedroom curtains, either light chiffon curtains or thick and heavy fabrics will work equally well. Another soft furnishing to include in a Moroccan style bedroom is a patterned wall hanging or a wall tapestry.


The use of accessories adds color, warmth, texture, and detail to your bedroom. The accessories will also make your bedroom unique. While cushions, throws, and wall hangings will all personalize the space, there are many more accessories that you can use that will add to the Moroccan theme in your bedroom. One accessory to include is a mirror as this serves both a practical purpose and is an interesting feature to add. The best option is one with either a wrought iron or ornate bronze frame. Adding traditional Moroccan art to the walls will add interesting focal points in the room and a splash of color against a white background. You can also use ornaments around the room. Wood carvings and ceramic vases with ornate designs are perfect for this theme.

Moroccan Style Bedrooms – The Final Verdict

The Moroccan style is influenced not only by Moroccan culture but also the cultures of many other countries from both Africa and Europe. Natural materials, earth tones, and jewel colors are key elements to this design style. To create a bedroom in this style, it is also important to use stunning and colorful soft furnishings, along with ornate details, beautiful pieces of furniture, and eye-catching accessories.

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