20 Awesome Minecraft Bedroom Ideas

Minecraft took the gaming world by storm and became an instant sensation for millions of people; especially kids, however, there are adults that have fallen into the addictive world of Minecraft as well. Minecraft is a building game created in a 3D world that allows you to utilize your creativity, build structures, along with pieces of artwork, plants and other elements. You have great adventures and even encounter combats with mobs along the way. The Minecraft look is unmistakable and distinct with it’s block-like structures, earthy tones and unique characters found within the game. A popular trend has been to recreate this look and bring the look and feel of this game alive by creating a Minecraft bedroom. Some of the results are pretty impressive, and here are some tips to help you do the same.

Wall colors

With any design theme, typically the walls are the first thing you think of when it comes to trying start your design theme. Since they are the focus of the room, consider using the pixeled look of the game, stenciling earthy colored brick shapes, or cubes on a wall, sets the tone for the room. If you aren’t up for undertaking this type of project, a MInecraft mural or simple Minecraft wall-art, posters or decals can still be plenty of wall coverage and create a Minecraft feel to the room.


With bedding, choose from a couple of options. If you prefer a simplistic type of bedding, a white sheet set paired with a red bedspread or blanket is an easy find and set-up. You can also opt for a sage or earthy green or black bed cover, or block or checkered patterned bed covers that mimic Minecraft’s block patterns. For a child’s room, however, you might opt for a Minecraft bedding set that comes with everything you need, from matching bed sheets and pillowcases to the bedspread and possibly bed skirt and throw pillows. These ensembles can be found at bedding stores online and some brick and mortar stores.

Window treatments

Add more texture to your room with window curtains. Red curtains are definitely fitting for a Minecraft room. If you’re looking for more ways to add some darker hues to the room, you might opt for a set of dark gray or deep black window curtains. For small rooms with minimum natural lighting, tan or lighter earth tone fabrics can help keep the room more open and airy.

Wall decor

Wall decor for a Minecraft room can be fun to work with. Hanging one or more diamond swords on a wall can be a great accent for our themed room, along with light-up torches that not only hang as wall decor, but actually light up, which means it’ll not only look cool, but they’re functional too. As mentioned earlier, there are tons of Minecraft wall decals that you can have fun choosing and placing on the walls to create your own Minecraft visionary.

Storage, shelving and furniture ideas

Think cubed when it comes to storage ideas. A stack of white or black cubicles to store clothing items, use as bookshelves or displaying your favorite Minecraft decor pieces. A black footlocker trunk for the foot of the bed is a great Minecraft look and added storage for any bedroom. Basic square, black or dark brown side tables add a Minecraft feel. Pair them with a set of brass lamps with squared shades to complete the look.

If Minecraft is a favorite game in your home, why not create a bigger experience of the game by designing a Minecraft bedroom. For more inspiring Minecraft designs, take a look at these 20 awesome Minecraft bedroom ideas.

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